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Animation Class
(Age 10 and above)
Animation is a popular form of motion pictures. It is an art form requires artistic skills and creativity in order to produce high quality, professional, and dynamic animation video. Learn the fun of Animation at ease and with confidence.
GIF Animation - Rabbit

Course Objectives
To learn the principles of animation. To learn how to convert from traditional drawing into animation. Learn how to do digital drawing and make them into moving pictures. To learn the techniques of two dimensional (2D) paper animation. To explore the use of clay to create clay animation (claymation). To learn how to create cartoon characters, storyboard and making them into animated cartoon. To explore and learn how to create different form of animation such as GIF, flash, mov, avi, MP4, etc. To learn how to add background music, title, credits, etc, to form a final animation. 

For Who

This course is for children age 10 and above.  Students MUST own a personal laptop computer running on Windows and bring it to the class.

Course Outline and Structure

Animation Explorer Class curriculum is organised into different modules. Students will explore from concept mapping of animation, hand drawn techniques, capturing and use of computer technologies for animation.
  Animation Boat Save

Course covers different animation process and finish final animation: 2D Animation with Paper drawing. 3D animation with Stop Animation concept. Explore concept of timeline, frames, storyboard and layout. Learn the layering of animation. Explore different styles and concept of making different animation effects.
Animation Woodpecker
Learn how to create characters for animation. Experience the cutout animation. Understanding GIF format, flash, mov and avi, MP4. Learn how to create GIF animation for Web html. Explore editing techniques. Learn how to add background music, lip syncs, titles, credits, captions, etc. to your animation.

Language medium: English (option in Mandarin)

Fee and Duration

$435/= for 8 sessions (1.5 hours per session), once a week.
New Student to
$30 one time Registration fee and $395/= for a set of Wacom drawing device and Animation Studio software. Course is by level.  Course must be completed within 10 weeks, otherwise it will be expired and forfeited.

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