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UniqArts and Technologies offers a complete and comprehensive art courses for children, teenagers and adult. They are based on proven professional teaching approach and by experienced artist and art teacher.
Colour pencils

Children Art Courses

We take in children age 4 onwards because we will start to build their fine motor skills, drawing techniques and colouring.
Fine Motor skills
Children learn how to explore and develop their own senses of colours. They will learn about colouring, blending, and exploration with joy and confidence.
Painting medium

Digital Art Class

For children age 10 and above. This is a specialised Art program to use technologies platform with combination of hands drawing skills to create art works.
Digital Art Watermeleon and Grasshopper

Adult Art Course

Based on the concept of art therapy and for adult who is taking time off to enjoy, learn and explore the world of creative expression and artistic self. We take away academic model and art school stressful environment. Adult Art Course offers personalised, customised and learn at your own pace. Enjoy art while you learn the skills.
Adult Art

Personalised Art Course

This is a Personalised Art Course that art program will be designed and customised according to personal interest, skill and competency level. Students learn at your own pace and get personal attention from our professional teacher.

Creative Art for Seniors

We have special program designed for senior adults age 50 and above. Creativity does not age. This program is for seniors to enjoy art, creativity and explore the therapeutic form of expression through art.

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