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UniqArts offers Art Jamming and Retreat for adult and corporations. Art Jamming can be used for relaxation, self care and wellness. We offer with professional artist as coach and facilitator for participants who may need any professional advise and support if necessary.

What is Art Jamming Retreat
Art Jamming is a creative, fun and effective team building program and personal retreat. It is based on a wide variety of art to allows participants think out of the box, hands on and engage their right side of the brain.
Art Jamming Objectives
To provide a relaxed environment to facilitate team bonding through team spirit, team belonging and members getting to know each other outside of their usual working environment. To create team experiences that enrich the team spirit. To stimulate team identity and strengthen their cohesiveness and belonging. To provide a series of creative, adventurous, artistic events, art jamming, art as therapy and fun activities to empower long lasting memory and appreciation of members contribution, talents and strength. To allow individuals in search of their creative talents and promote personal growth, development and rejuvenation  from this program
Unique Process

Our Art Jamming is designed in stages for progressive positive experiences. 

Our qualified and experienced trainer will guide the entire process to allows members to learn the basic usage of art materials and application. They will be able to proceed to next level by understanding each other strength through creative works. Members tasks are to be assigned creatively and productively. Once they are ready, members to start to do creative art together. Team members are gain insights about their own individual creative talents, strength and how their contribution to the team. Debrief of the team building and bonding process. Members to get feedback from each other and explore how this process could be useful to their work place. Art Jamming retreat with music to heighten our relaxation adn senses.

Art Jamming Session Language medium: English or Mandarin

Pre-requisite for Art Jamming: No background in art is required. Participants are to bring an open mind and creative self.


"Awesome. Yes, I used to hate art but I am glad to come to this course as I re-discover my love for art. Art can exist in various forms and I hearnt th graffito and music canvas and I love the latter as I can paint my thoughts through it. Mr. Paul Lee is a very patient trainer and he gives good tips for newbies (after 20 many years) like us. The experience was a wholesome one and I strongly encourage anyone (yes as long as you can hold a paint brush) to attend this course.Serenne Teng)."
"Trainer Paul, as usual, was systematic and competent. He makes adult participants at ease with their respective level of art skills. Overall an enjoyable learning experience. (Ivan Chew)."
"We were very careful to observe the theme of previous group work and took care not to destory others' work. But we learn not to be attached to our original work as others have changed it. Good work. Thank you (Mr. Tan)"
"Uplifting, interesting, fun, and humour all in one. Loved the experience (Rasani Redyy)
"Had to intentionally not 'be an artist' - had to quickly accommodate to having work obliterated. After that, it didn't really matter (Mr. Lee)."
"It is fun, relaxing and we have a lot of laughters doing the activity (Mr. Matthew Wong)." 
"It is a very good experience. We have started off with very conservative drawing and paint within limitation of what other parties has drawn. All the way to destorying the old and started off with a bold painting that is less limiting (Miss Wanda Wong)."
"Good exercise to reflect : strong ideas stay their time; difficult to think within a set boundary (Deepak)."
"Good to bond with team members.Feeling good about the freedom to splash colour (Grace)." 
"Very interesting. Good way to see team dynamics in action. Creativity. Good to know how other team react to change. Useful and insightful feedback from facilitator (Alvin Tan)." 
"Fun experience. Started with control then went freedom. Learned to work with other teams work (Anthony Mortin
"It was a funny, crazy and entertaining team building experience (Mrs. Smita)."
"I truly enjoyed myself, especially with the availability of various different medium of art. Paul was excellent in sharing his knowledge and experiences. Thank you Paul (Suzanah)."
"Good! Therapeutic and healing of unfinished business in the past (Jasmine)."
"Relaxed, able to express myself unconsciously and finding out something about myself (Margaret)."
"Intriguing. I got to know myself better; my inner strength. I enjoy the session very much. I wish it could be longer. I would recommend  this program to others (Joanna)."
"Very experiential and interesting. Hope to get such therapeutic workshops in future (Mrs. Cheong)."
"The freedom to express one's artistic thoughts is refreshing (Mr. Garry Ng)"
"Very insightful, therapeutic and calming. Learnt a lot of new things and interpretation (Juliana)."
"It was fun. Allowed me to recall schooldays - that was the last time I touched paint and brush. I enjoyed expressing myself in spite of the amateurish strokes. I enjoyed even more Paul's interpretations of the use of colors, space, symbols, type of material and how much of it is unconscious, especially those aspect that tell our past. His insight is deep... Thanks a million! Thoroughly enjoyable and therapeutic, useful, applicable session! (Sally)."
"Very therapeutic. It's has been a very long time since I touched paint (Siti Farina)."
"Impressed with the insights of the trainer (Mr. Ng)."
"I enjoyed the session - quite therapeutic, enjoyed the process and quite proud of my art piece. Realized that anyone can use art therapy, need not be an 'arty' person (Mrs. Goh)."
"Interesting and a very good way to distress (Ms. Rohani)."
"Informative. Relaxing. Paul is a competent trainer. Patient, clear in his explanation. Participants are able to paint even without prior training (Mr. Ivan Chew)."
"My first try at Acrylic Painting was years ago. This time I enjoyed the result coming out almost immediately. And realised this art is good for my busy schedule (Ms. Khun)."
"I really enjoyed the painting process. It's really relaxing and stress relief. Hope to go for more art related classes. Would recommend this course to colleagues (Ms. Sulieanna)."
"It was fun to paint with my colleagues. The instructor is very patient. The service is very good and everyone here is helpful. Fruits as snacks are good (Md. Kandoth)."
"Fun and enjoyable in a non-threatening environment. More of such project, please (Ms. Tan)."
"I enjoy myself very much and it was fun as there is no stress. More of these program should be introduced (Patricia)."
"Interesting and very relaxing. Learn more about the history of Acrylic art. Art is not about being perfect but about creativity and exploring ideas (Ms. Herminah)."
"Extremely overjoy! I enjoy this journey and would like to recommend others to come (Johan)."
"Relaxing/ Expressing ourself via painting. Learn the art of painting. Best course after hard work (Rohani)."
"I extremely enjoy this session.A fun way to relax and also express one's creativity (Norfadillah)."
"It's fun and relaxing, definitely help with relief stress while learning a technique or two about painting (Hon)."
"Very good experience in canvas painting. Learn the technique of art and using the right colour andcreative in own way (Ms. Noorliah)."
"Enjoyed. I learnt about acrylic painting from an excellent trainer. Thank you (Hwee Miang)."
"Had a very fun and relaxing time. Was a very enjoyable experience! And something nice to bring home (Mr. Goh P.K.)"
"A therapeutic session (Ms. Ibrahim)."

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