Learn the art of Chinese Calligraphy, be enriched by the Chinese culture with the use of beautiful handwriting techniques. We make learning of Chinese calligraphy in a fun and easy way in a bilingual environment for anyone with or without any Chinese language background. Chinese Calligraphy is a great way for mindfulness art therapy as well.

Chinese Calligraphy Set 1

Course Objectives

To learn and explore the art of Chinese history of written language. To learn and experience the traditional ink making process and product. To learn different form of Chinese Calligraphy words. To learn the strokes and flow of Chinese words. To improve the Chinese handwriting. To enjoy the process of writing with Chinese traditional brushes. To appreciate and enjoy the culture of Chinese through calligraphy.

Chinese Calligraphy

Key Learning focus

Learning Chinese Calligraphy can be fun, easy and interesting because of our creative approach in teaching Chinese written language and handwriting. It is a great way to explore, experience and learn more about Chinese culture. Our innovative teaching and creative delivery will develop interest about the chinese culture and motivation.

Creative Teaching 

We break away the traditional dry, boring and stressful academic centric techniques to learn Chinese Calligraphy. The art of Chinese words will be explained in graphical and easy to understand structure. Chinese Calligraphy is to let them write the Chinese word with right strokes, flow and make it beautiful. Chinese Calligraphy class will make them love the written language of Chinese and be motivated to find out more by themselves. Our program will make their learning of Chinese fun, easy and effective! Chinese Calligraphy program is to create the interest and focus in fun learning environment to learn, explore and experience the Chinese written language as an art form and their respective application. This will benefit to many children from English-speaking family and started their language in English at their first language. Learning Chinese now will not be boring, tedious and difficult to understand and use them. 

Language medium: Bi-lingual in Mandarin and English

For Who

Children and Adult. With or without background in Chinese language.

Course fee

$435/= (For 8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session)
$30/= Registration Fee One time.
$205 for a complete set of Chinese scholar treasures (Brush, Ink, Rice paper, Ink stick, Chinese seal, Red Ink, etc. material price is subject to stock availability and subject to change without notice). Lesson is considered consumed if students absent from themselves without prior notice (2 days in advance)


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Chinese Calligraphy Class

Chinese text Calligraphy Class