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Customised Fine Art Class
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Course Objective:
To provide a customised and tailored art program to acquire knowledge, skills and know-how of the selected Fine Art subjects.  As this is a focus and specific learning objective, students will learn at their own level, interest and pace.

For who:
For anyone with or without background in art.
Fine Art Syllabus:
Curriculum will be customised based on individual level in term of artistry and creativity knowhow. Syllabus can be tailored including:

  • Still life subjects
  • Realistic Sketch with pencils
  • Creative thinking
  • Animals sketch
  • Human sketch
  • Caricature art
  • Portraiture Art
  • Technical Drawing/Design
  • Calligrahpy (Western and Chinese)
  • Chinese Brush Painting
  • Advance colouring with colour pencisl, pastels, and acrylic
  • Any other special interest or request subject to availability
Course Duration:
  • The customised Art course for a block of 8 lessons (2 hours per lesson)
  • To be completed within  10 weeks from the date of registration otherwise it will be expired and forfeited.
  • Course fee: 
  • S$800/= per person
  • S$30/= registration fee
  • Art materials are excluded, to be advised according to the needs of the customised class . 
  • Contact us for your needs
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