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Digital Manga Anime Art Course

Learn the art of Japanese comic (also known as MANGA or ANIME) through digital creation. Manga Anime have their unique features, characters, stories, Japanese culture and creative works. This course is to tap on the unlimited potential of creativity and future economy of the young talents. Digital creation of Manga and Anime is an essential and popular form of publishing Manga Art professionally. Digital Manga reduces time of production, unlimited editing, high resolution colourings, and amazing enhancement. It is the path for animation as ANIME as well. 
Digital Manga Anime Art 1
Course Objectives

To learn how to draw and ink Manga Art (Japanese comics) with confidence in digital. To explore and learn the use of professional Manga Anime Studio software and drawing device (such as Wacom) to create digital art. To learn the techniques of various features of Manga Art from basic to advance level. To learn how to create Manga characters, storyboard and chapterization. Learn the method of transfering the hand drawn artwork into digital platform. 

Manga Anime Drawing

To understand the general requirement of printed and digital format in the Manga Art. To be able to create Manga Art professionally and with unique personal style.

Digital Manga Anime Art 2

For Who

This course is for anyone interested in learning Digital Anime and Manga. Students must own a personal laptop computer, professional drawing device, and a legal license copy of Anime and Manga studio software. For children age, recommended 10 and above.
Course Outline and Structure
There are 3 levels of Anime and Manga Art Course. Students must complete and be competent at every level before proceeding to the next level. In other words, they may choose or remain at the level if necessary.  

There are 3 levels of Anime and Manga Art:

Level 1: Foundation Anime and Manga. Introduction to Digital Anime and Manga tools (software, hardware and setup). Understand the differences between hand drawn and digital creation. This is the essential and basic drawing of Anime and Manga characters. Students will explore and be able to draw Anime and Manga characters with basic proportion. Students will learn the basic storyboard.

Digital Manga Anime art 2
Level 2: Intermediate Anime and Manga. Progressing from Level 1 foundation, students will learn basic inking and toning for Anime and Manga characters. Practice the Japanese culture costume and drawing them into full body with appropriate proportion.
Manga Art

Level 3: Advanced Anime and Manga. Students will be inking their Anime and Manga characters and storyboard. Explore use of colours with coloured pencils and watercolours. Learn the use of fountain pen for inking and lines. At this level, drawing movement, dynamic layout and finishing touch up for final artworks ready to publish. Manga Art

Teaching Methods

Our teaching methodologies are proven to nurture students in their aesthetic development, fine art skills, self confidence, fine motor skills, motion pictures, design, perspectives and creativity.
Manga Art Storyboard

Developmental Appropriateness:

Learners will explore the program and teaching will be adjustedaccording to the appropriate the learners developmental stages. This is essential for teaching at the right level of readiness and to be effective in learning journey.

This class covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. This program helps to engage the right side of the brain actively and balance with left side of the brain as well.
Manga Anime in Watercolour
Creative Art Therapy:
During the art class, therapeutic process is incorporated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Children will be able to express themselves fully and therapeutically. We use Art as therapy and as a safe form of self expression.

Language Medium

English and or Mandarin

Digital Medium

Students must own and bring along their personal laptop computer (Windows or Mac), a professional drawing device (minimum of 1024 pen pressure), licensed Manga studio software.

Course Fee and Duration

Each level $435 for 8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session, excluding materials. Students are to bring their own laptop computer, installed with licensed professional Manga Anime studio software and a professional drawing device (eg Wacom). Drop-in single session at $80/=, 1.5 hours.

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