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Behind the Singapore modern skycape scenery, you can still find pre-war architectural shophouses and street. These are charming double storey shophouses and decorated with Peranakan cultures. Own an artworks by local artist or explore the art of Singapore shophouses. 
Singapore Shophouses Watercolour Art  

The Artist Story

These artworks are originally sketch and created by a Singapore local artist - Mr. Lee Thiam Seng (Paul). Singapore is the birthplace of Mr. Lee and he is a full time artist, art therapist and consultant. He is currently residing in East Coast shophouses area (Singapore first heritage town - Joo Chiat Katong area), running an art center at the East Coast and love drawing and painting his neighbourhood because they are many beautiful shophouses preserved since pre-war time, charm of Peranakan and heritage trails.
Shophouse Line art 7
They are great inspiration for his creativity and artistic works. His artworks are excellent for investment, home decoration and representation of Singapore unique heritage culture. Beside commissioning his art, Mr. Lee also teaches Art course focus on Singapore Shophouses, here are some examples of Singapore Shophouses:
Shophouses in Watercolours*
Shophouses in Line Art*
Shophouse Art Course
To explore the uniqueness of Singapore shophouses. To learn the structure of architecture of these shophouses. To understand various Peranakan design and tiles art. To learn how to sketch them from photo or live. To learn how to create line art with ink. To learn how to use watercolour as core medium to do painting.
Singapore shophouse Watercolours art 8
To understand and try out various methods of creating various light, shadow, and their relationshpip. To learn how to create different texture effects. T
o learn the techniques of water based blending, toning, texturing, rendering and finishing. To learn how to explore and enjoy the sponaneous effect of watercolouring .

For Who
Adult with or without any background in art.

Course Outline
The focus of this course is to learn and explore the art of Singapore shophouses. Learn how to do sketching and composition for these unique heritage scenery. Learn how to do inking for line art. Learn how to apply watercolours to these shophouses and street scenery.
Course covers analysis from photo or live from the street. Students will explore art from photo and from live drawing at the Singapore shophouses/

Teaching Approach

Our teaching methodologies are proven to engage the learning in a fun, relaxing and effective. Professional and flexible teaching approach according to the levels and participants background.

ARTeach Program
Instructors are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach effectively, best practice and philosophy of teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. Teacher is trained to access students level and teaching them appropriately. Students will be given most opportunity to learn, practice and with self confidence in completion of their art work. 

Creativity-Juice Program
During the program, we incorporate creativity-juice process for creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development. This program helps to engage the right and left side of the brain actively.

Creative Art Therapy
During the lesson, therapeutic process is integrated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Therapy is practiced through mindfulness for stress release, relaxation and recharge.

By Experienced Artist

By experienced and professional local Artist residing in heritage town of Singapore -  Paul Lee. He will demonstrate, explain in detail and teach various techniques of drawing, inking and watercolouring.

Language medium:

English or Mandarin

Course Fee Duration
$800/= for 8 sessions, 2 hours per session, inclusive of art supplies during lessons.

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