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We are passionate about art and creativity. We believe in providing a well defined foundation for anyone learning art with self confidence, joy and staying healthy with expressive art therapy. Here are some testimonials from our students, parents and participants to share with you. We really appreciate and thank you for all the support.

Art Courses

"Uncle Paul was my first art teacher. I took classes at his studio from ages five through ten, laying the groundwork for my drawing and painting skills. His step-by-step way of teaching trained my eye to dissect objects into line and form and taught me how to engage with the elements of art. During the lessons, I was also able to experiment with composition and medium to learn about harmony and balance, and felt the freedom of being expressive creatively. The art pieces I created in class also laid the foundation for for the development of my SOTA portfolio. Ten years later, I continually find myself referring back to the techniques I had learned from his lessons. Having finished school with a painting specialization, I am starting university at Parsons School of Design in New York City in August 2018. (Anna)"
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Online Art Class

"Zachary has certainly improved leaps and bounds from a person who isn't confident in and hates drawing to a person who is willing to give it a shot especially in his area of passion ,drawing footballers and their many kicking positions. He finds your feedback an encouragement. Somebody who can encourage and give good positive suggestions and ideas without condemning his way of drawing and colouring. He does it mainly himself and only upon completing each piece of work, I give him some comments to improve." Mrs. Phang, Mother of Zachary Phang, 8 years old boy
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Art Therapy

"Intriguing. I got to know myself better; my inner strength. I enjoy the session very much. I wish it could be longer. I would recommend  this program to others (Joanna)." "Very experiential and interesting. Hope to get such therapeutic workshops in future (Mrs. Cheong)." "Very insightful, therapeutic and calming. Learnt a lot of new things and interpretation (Juliana)."
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 Team Building Through Art
"It was a wonderful experience and this is nothing that I have never done before with my colleagues. Had a lot of fun doing it! Everyone coming together to do something is extremely encouraging, never stand alone when you have excellent colleagues to support one another. (Harry)" "We were very careful to observe the theme of previous group work and took care not to destory others' work. But we learn not to be attached to our original work as others have changed it. Good work. Thank you (Mr. Tan)"
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Art Therapy Lecture

"The Art Therapy course provided a very comprehensive understanding of the approaches, strategies and case studies of therapy for working with children. Looking at the art work helps in the learning process (Miss Koh, Counsellor)." "Paul was very good in drawing specific examples and gave very clear structure and strategis on art therapy. It was very useful that case examples were shown to give an idea on how it can be implemented (Miss Carolyn Tan, Program Executive)"
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 Creativity-Juice Program 

"Learnt a few strategies to generate creativity (Diane)." "Interesting exercises, a lot of visual effects (Jolie)." "Stretch my brain to think in many ways and explore my own creativity (Mdm Loh)."
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