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About us

UniqArts (pronounced as Unique Arts) and Technologies was founded in 1995 by a Singapore artist, art therapist and consultant Mr. Paul Lee, who is the author of the popular drawing books for children - Drawing Is Easy.  Mr. Lee has a vision to take art into personal development, creative thinking, wellness, group bonding and team building.

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"Art is a gift for human kind. And visual thinking is a key to unlock innovation, creativity and wellness. We can draw our strength through art. Art has a unlimited capacity to connect us, bond us and heal us. (Paul Lee, Founder, UniqArts)"

Vision and Mission

UniqArts has a vision to take art to improve human development and well-being. With a mission: Excellence in Artistry, Creativity, Knowledge Development and Wellness. With this mission, we have designed our own comprehensive curriculum covering wide range of art and creativity program for children, teenagers, adult and corporations. With this passion, we have developed a variety of art and creative program throughout these years.

Art Program

We take Art education seriously and passionately. With our own curriculum, we want to build strong foundation with integrity and resilience with educational development. Art program is structured to well defined learning scope.

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To leverage digital age and during pandemic, we take our art lessons online to reach more students locally and internationally.

Adult Art Courses

Adult can choose from their interest from various Adult Art Courses to explore and enjoy the art lessons at your own pace.

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In addition, adult can choose to relax and recharge themselves at Art Jamming or Art Therapy sessions.

Art Therapy

We provide Art Therapy services for retreat, treatment, team building and corporate wellness. We also use therapy for treatment on depression, anxiety, trauma, and as alternative medicine for treating illness. 

Art Therapy

We have art therapy used for personal development, family bonding, group therapy and team building as well.

Team Building

Corporations can explore our team building event through art and creativity as their corporate retreat and workshop. Art Therapy is integrated into Corporate Team Building for personal and team wellness.

Team Building Art

In addition, UniqArts runs Green Origami workshop for companies who are into recycling and to play a part in saving our Earth.

Drawing Books

We published a series of Drawing books for children. There are 5 series under title Drawing is Easy. One for Pre-school and four for Primary school.

Drawing books

Art is our passion. We love what we do and do what we love. We teach and offer our customers through Caricature Art.

Fun with Caricature

Art is dynamic with enormous potential. We share our knowledge and best practice by providing professional development service to those with the same passion under ARTeach Art Teachers Training program. 
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