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Art enrichment for children at Kindergartens and preschool. It is designed for children age 4 to 6 to develop fine motor skills, focus on play and draw, fun with colours and setting the foundation for creative expression.
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Why Art Foundation

Setting the right foundation in art is very important if a child is to excel in creativity at the later years. It is because when children acquired ability to draw during their vital years of growing up, they will benefit for a lifetime. A balanced approach to art education should start at very young age because they can express and reflect the world around them while growing up. In addition, a strong Art foundation will help in fine motor skills, which is required for writing. 

Oil pastels

The ability to express visually enhances their cognitive progress and learning. Any intervention should be introduced as appropriate when necessary. Logic, creative and play through Art can help a child learn and grow up without stressful academic pressure.

For Who

This is a Foundation Class for children at age 4 to 6 years old. Age is a reference because this level is also for children in need of foundation. Our focus in the fine motor skills development, creativity and visual expression. A good recommendation for children has basic drawing skills into shapes and can write their own name.
Children Art Calen age 5

Course Objectives

To develop foundation in art and creativity. To build fine motor skills development through drawing.  To explore and learn about colours, mixing and application.  To learn the basic mix media usage.  To nurture creativity through Creativity Juice program. To provide space of personal response and visual expression.
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To develop self confidence. To learn how to express a wide variety of interesting subjects and themes such as animals, birds, marine life, pre-historic life, human, insects, reptiles, flowers, etc. To learn how to create a picture of their own. To learn how to express themselves visually and creatively.

Course Structure and Syllabus

This is an Art class that focus on developing fine motor skills of drawingThis class is structured into classroom learning with individual attention if possible. Class is conducted in a fun and interactive environment. A specific theme is being planned for each lesson. They will learn how to draw and complete with their own creativity and colouring with the lesson. The theme is being categorized by different subjects and to cover wide range of learning area from insects, animals, birds, nature life, scenery, festivals, marine life, human, occupation, cartoon, creative drawing, colouring, etc. They will learn how to draw them out with confidence and enjoy the creativity at the same time.
Course covers basic colouring techniques with dry and wet medium concurrently. They will learn and explore how to use them appropriately and creatively for desired outcome and colouring choice.
Curriculum has been carefully planned to be appropriate for this age group of children according to their stage of child development. Children will be given personal attention and self development space for creative expression during the class.
Children art phoebe

Teaching Methodologies

We have proven and effective teaching methodologies to teach and nurture children in their aesthetic development, fine art skills, self confidence, fine motor skills and creativity.
ARTeach Program:
Teachers are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach art according to child development, child art , good practice and philosophy of art teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. We do not draw for your kids nor do we hold their little hands to draw. Teacher will teach and demonstrate accordingly, and children learn, practice and paint. All the artworks are proudly done by themselves after learning from the teacher.

Child Development
Children will explore and learn the aesthetic and fun part of doing art according to the appropriate Child Development stages. This is essential for children to enjoy their level of readiness for effective learning. Program and teachimg is according to the child development level.

This class covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. This program helps to engage the right side of the brain actively and balance with left side of the brain as well.

Creative Art Therapy
During the art class, therapeutic process is incorporated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Children will be able to express themselves fully and therapeutically. We use Art as therapy and as a safe form of self expression.

Duration to Build Foundation

How long does it take to build foundation in Art will depend on the individual child. As a general guide, if a kid only draw once a week for 1.5 hours session, it will needs more time to build the drawing foundation. But it should not take more than 3 years. The Art foundation is a key to windows of learning academic subjects such as language, math and science. We recommend 1 to 3 years for a child to develop good Art foundation, or the ability to draw independently and good sense of colours.

Here are some  Art works Gallery during the class. They are showcase of learning, creativity and full completion from drawing to colouring stage.

Children Art age 4 to 6

Children Art Gallery 1 - Age 4 to 6 *

Children Art Gallery 2 - Age 4 to 6 *


Default in English. Option for bi-lingual teaching for both English and Mandarin. 

Fee and Duration

$235 per term (10 lessons, 1 hour per session). New Student to add one time payment for $30 Registration fee and $75  (Compulsory) a basic Art material set with a carrying bag. (material price is subject to stock availability and subject to change without notice).
S$80/= for drop-in session as trial or assessment, this fee maybe offset from the package fee upon signing up immediately after trial. Please contact us for any school enquiry.

Children Art Testimonials

"For over 6 years, Jun Yuan has improved tremendously under the guidance of Teacher Paul. I could see smile on his face after each drawing session. Teacher Paul is a very calm, patient and positive teacher who always encourages his students to do better. He knows his students well and his ultimate goal is to ensure that the students are able to draw and create their own art pieces by themselves.  Over a period of time, the students are able to see their own improvements and feel motivated." Mrs. Koo.

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