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Primary School Art

This is for children age 7 to 12 to learn and explore fine art, creativity and building self confidence in expression. This is a Fine Art enrichment program for Primary school level. It is essential for creativity development because children now into primary school education system. The balance approach to destress, express and improve their cognition will help them cope with academic requirements.
Art materials mix

Artistic Exploration Space

Children at this age group started in their primary school system and academic. They might have completed the pre-school play and learn. It is therefore important to keep the curious mind growing up and still find the joy of learning. They grow up exploring the new art form or creative space in a safe and approproiate manners. This is the exploration stage for their personality, social interaction, communication, thinking, logic and many exciting area as the brain developing.
Clay art
We integrate art as therapy and introduce a variety of art medium to explore, play and have fun. At the same time, focus on visual expression, drawing, and how to do three dimensional space. A balanced approach for drawing and animation will be introduced for fun learning. 

Course Objectives

To learn and explore expression through visual art. To learn drawing techniques about human, animals, birds, insects, festivals, etc. To explore the mixing or blending of colours. To learn how to create story through storyboard and drawing. To understand the concept of fine art and basic principles of application. To learn how to create basic design through sketching and colour scheme. To explore and learn the process of animation drawing. To build basic three dimensional clay models. To develop creative problem solving with Creativity-Juice program. 

For Who

Children age 7 to 12 with basic art skills and foundation of drawing and colouring.

Course Structure and Syllabus
Curriculum is designed according to this level or age group. Course is structured as classroom learning with individual attention if possible. Lesson is being planned with specific theme for focus and according to the progress level. Students should have completed foundation art class level or equalivalent fine art skills before joining this level.

Art materials and medium

Creativity-Juice program is integrated to nurture creative thinking and creative problem solving skill. Learn how to draw and colour wide selection of subjects appropriate to this level such as people, house, animals, insects, birds, marine life, farm, playground, transport, culture, festival, etc. Learn how to draw basic cartoon with ease and style.To learn extra knowledge and learn how to apply with illustration and art.

Teaching Methodologies

Our teaching methodologies are proven to nurture children in their aesthetic development, fine art skills, self confidence, fine motor skills, motion pictures, perspectives and creativity.
ARTeach Program:
Teachers are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach art according to child development, child art , good practice and philosophy of art teaching with UniqArts and Technologies.
We do not draw for your kids nor do we hold their little hands to draw. Teacher will teach and demonstrate accordingly, and children learn, practice and paint. All the artworks are proudly done by themselves after learning from the teacher
Child Development

Children will explore and learn the aesthetic and fun part of doing art according to the appropriate Child Development stages. This is essential for children to enjoy their level of readiness for effective learning.
This class covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. This program helps to engage the right side of the brain actively and balance with left side of the brain as well.
Creative Art Therapy:
During the art class, therapeutic process is incorporated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Children will be able to express themselves fully and therapeutically. We use Art as therapy and as a safe form of self expression.


Default in English. Additional request is available for Bi-lingual teaching for both English and Mandarin. 

Fee and Duration

$275 per term (10 lessons, 1 hour 15 min per session). New student to add one time payment for $30 Registration fee and $125 for a basic Art material set with a carrying bag. (material price is subject to stock availability and subject to change without notice).
S$80/= for drop-in session as trial or assessment, this fee maybe offset from the package fee upon signing up immediately after trial. Please contact us for your school or center.

Time Table


Contact us for your needs.

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