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Clay Modelling

Clay Modelling is an Art that is three dimensional (3D) form through use of hands. Clay is a great form of retreat by actively engaging mind and hands. There are clay that air harden which is easy to use, safe and fun. You can learn how to create any model for decoration, gift or functional items. You can choose any colours of your choice to do painting.
Clay models starfish

Why Clay Modelling

One of the challenges for modern lifestyle and education is over exposure and usage of digital devices. It will become a major issue when these devices disconnect us and affect our wellness.   
Clay Models mixed 2
Clay Modelling helps participants work together because when they uses both hands to model clay. At the same time, it is easy for different age group and members can work on their own personal capacity to make sculptures. Indeed, clay modelling is a great form of therapy to de-stress, mindfulness and recharge.

Program Objectives
To provide a relaxed environment to learn clay modelling. To learn how to use a few tools for clay touchup and bonding. To explore the creative expression with clay.
Clay models mixed 1
To learn how to use paint the clay. To allow individuals in search of their creative talents and promote personal growth, development and rejuvenation from this program.
Clay models Hamsters

Why Air Drying Clay
We use air drying clay because it is safe and easy to make models. There is no oven or firing needed.
Air dry clays
Clay shapes and form retain once it is dried. It is important for team works to see the works that they have created. It is safe, smooth and easy to make models of your choice. You can create any models of your choice and they are easy to make with your hands. The clay does not need firing or baking to keep them permanently.

Course Outline
Clay Modelling Art covers three levels of techniques and expression. Each level is for 8 lessons. The  Foundation level: to learn how to make a few basic models of clay with hands only. Learn how to use acrylic paint to do colouring.
Clay models Human
Intermediate level: to explore models with some complexity and fine details. Advanced level: To learn how to create moveable parts, modular and flexible. Learn how to do maintainence of the clay.
Teaching Methods
We adopted proven teaching approach to engage students actively  and learn with confidence:
ARTeach Program
Instructors are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach effectively, best practice and philosophy of teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. Teacher is trained to access students level and teaching them appropriately. Students will be given most opportunity to learn, practice and with self confidence in completion of their art work.

Creativity-Juice program is introduced throughout the team building activities and event to facilitate members creative thinking, creative problem-solving and team spirit.

Art Jamming Retreat:
The program is actively use of aesthetic, visual, images, and art-related projects to allow right brain function of members for rejuvenation, relaxation and retreat. Jamming might be through a combination of art, music, movement, mindfulness, meditation or the like depending on the appropriateness.

Creative Art Therapy:
The therapeutic process of using creativity and art is facilitated in order to engage members into rejuvenation, relaxation and recharge from this program. At the end of the program, trainer will do debrief about team bonding and provide insights to help members understand how they can benefit from this program.

Clay Model Masterpieces
You can create, mould, and paint your Clay model masterpieces. They are great for decoration, gift or asethetic functional items.
Clay Models Final Products

Here are some Clay models samples:
Clay Models Gallery 1 -
Clay Models Gallery 2 -
Clay Models Gallery 3 -
Clay Models Gallery 4 -
Clay Models Pokemon -
Our experienced trainer will teach basic techniques of clay model creation and facilitate the process for team bonding.

By Professional Artist

This course is by professional artist and art therapist Mr. Paul Lee Thiam Seng. Mr. Lee is the founder of UniqArts and Technologies in 1995. He is the creator for Creativity-Juice, ARTeach, Online Art Project, Green Origami Project and many other innovative program. Mr. Lee is an experienced artist and has been teaching since 1995 to adult, children and corporation. 

Course Fee Duration
$435 for 8 sessions, 1 hour 30 minutes per session.
Please bring your own art materials or purchase them at our center.

Language medium: English or Mandarin

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