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Pencil Drawing

Learn the art of pencil drawing and sketching with confidence. Explore the dynamic feature of using pencils to illustrate and present any subjects with dimensional value and realistic feel.

Pencil Drawing Class

Course Objectives

To understand, explore and learn the art of pencil drawing.
Pencil Drawing MBS

To learn the toning and shading of different grade of professional sketching pencils.

Pencil Drawing

Learn the method of using different grade of pencil to do sketching, shading and toning.  
Pencil Sketching

Learn the techniques of fine pencil drawing to explore different fine art subjects such as animals, birds, flowers, insect, still life, objects, scenery, etc.

Pencil Drawing Avocado2

Explore the use of pencil and various tools to create textures for different subjects.
Pencil Sketching

Learn how to be creative in use of pencil for drawing and expression.

For Who 
This course is for adult or children age above 10, with or without any background in art.
Course Outline 
This course covers the techniques of using pencils to create art work and sketch different subjects. The use of different medium and tools to enhance shading, tones and texture. Course will provide  basic to advance level of learning  according to the individual progress and readiness. 

Pencil drawing Eagle closeup
In general, Pencil Sketching Course are into three (3) different levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level.
1. Foundation Pencil Sketch: This is the basic level to cover building blocks, holding the pencils, basic tonal values and shading. This level focus on using pencils to create form with lines and tones.

Pencil sketching
2. Intermediate Pencil Sketch: The intermediate level of Pencil Sketching will introduce light and shadow analysis techniques. Students will explore proportioning and drawing with fine details. 

Pencil sketching
3. Advanced Pencil Sketch: For advanced Pencil sketching level, students will learn how to create fine texture, multiple layering and three dimensional sketching. To explore with creative pencil and extra fine detail.
Pencil Drawing

Here are some Pencil Drawing Art for reference:

Pencil Drawing Gallery 1 -
Pencil Drawing Gallery 2 -
Pencil Drawing Gallery 3 -
Pencil Drawing Gallery 4 -
Pencil Drawing Gallery 5 -
Pencil Drawing Gallery 6 -
Pencil Drawing Gallery 7 -
Pencil Drawing Gallery 8 -

Language medium: English or Mandarin

Teaching Approach

Our teaching methodologies are proven to engage the learning in a fun, relaxing and effective. Professional and flexible teaching approach according to the levels and participants background.

Pencil Drawing Class

ARTeach Program
Instructors are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach effectively, doing good practice and philosophy of teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. 
Teacher is trained to access students level and teaching them appropriately. Students will be given most opportunity to learn, practice and with self confidence in completion of their art work. 

Creativity-Juice Program
During the program, we incorporate creativity-juice process for creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development. This program helps to engage the right and left side of the brain actively. 

Creative Art Therapy
During the lesson, therapeutic process is integrated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Therapy is practiced through mindfulness for stress release, relaxation and recharge.

By Professional Artist

This class will be taught by experienced practicing Portrait Artist Mr. Paul Lee. The artist will explain and demonstrate various techniques of Portrait art and coach the students accordingly.

Course Fee Duration
$435 for 8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session.   One time payment for $30 administration and registration fee. Students to bring their own art materials or purchase at our center.

S$80/= for drop-in session as trial or assessment, this fee maybe offset from the package fee upon signing up immediately after trial. 
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