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Water Colour Painting
For Adult

Water colour painting sample1
  Water Colour is a medium that excel in the use of water. The natural, light and creative flow of water colours can be exceptional.  The Water colour can be soothing and therapeutic for both artist and viewers. Water Colour Painting Class is for adult with or without anybackground in art to learn the skills of drawing and painting with water colour as the core medium. 
Course Objectives
To learn the techniques of drawing and painting with water colour medium. To learn and explore methods of creating various light, shadow, and their relationshpip. To learn how to use water colour to create different texture effects. To learn the techniques of water based blending, toning, texturing, rendering and finishing. 
Water Colour - Scenery
For Who
Adult with or without any background in art. 

Course Outline

The focus of this course is to experience, explore and learn the water colour medium to do painting and creating different themes such as scenery, floral, animals, marine, etc. 
Syllabus covers water colouring techniques, blending, texturing, toning, mixing and related tools. Learn how to do water colouring painting on standard drawing papers using water colour cake. Learn how to create different effect of different brushes, water level and mix media. Wide variety of subjects from landscape, human, animals, bids, scenery, flowers, abstract, etc. Teaching approach is to relax, explore and learn at your own pace. Adult can use it as relaxation from work.

By Experienced Artist

By practicing water colour Artist Paul Lee and he will explain, demonstrate and coach adult in the various techniques of doing painting with water colours. 
Leaf - Water Colour
View more Water Colour Painting in the Art Gallery here.

Language medium: English or Mandarin
Course Fee Duration
$435 for 8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session.
One time payment for $30 administration and registration fee and $50 for water colour cake, brush set and sketch book.