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Art Courses for Children
An Overview
UniqArts has designed a series of Creative Children Art Classes program for children to learn drawing, painting, clay, animation and creativity. Children Art Classes are by professional artist and art teacher and in consideration of different child development stages and needs.
Art Class Foundation 1

Online Art Project

Foundation level (Age 4 to 10)

Online Art Class for children to learn art online by themselves. This children art class is designed and taught by artist with field art teaching experience. Children will learn the foundation of drawing, colouring and composition at home through the access of dedicated art room over the web. Read more about Online Children Art Class.

Creative Fun Art Class

Foundation level (Age 4 to 10)
Creative Fun Art Class is for children age 4 to 10 with or without any background in art to develop basic skills of drawing, colouring and composition. This Children Art Class covers various art medium including colour pencils, markers, oil pastels and water colouring. Multimedia Encyclopedia maybe used for children to enhance with additional general knowledge. Read more detail about Creative Fun Art Class for children.

Creative Art Explorer

Intermediate Level (Age 8 to 12)
Creative Art Explorer Class
for children to explore intermediate level of fine art learning, 3D sculpturing, and basic animation. This children art class will introduce many art medium such as water colour, pastels poster, acrylic, sketching, comics, animated drawing and other fine art subjects. Read more detail about
Creative Art Explorer Class for children.

Extra Fine Art Class

Advanced level (Age 10 and above)
Creative Extra Fine Art Class for children is the advanced level of art program. This children art class is designed for children age 10 and above with strong fine art background and strong drawing skills. Children will learn the advanced level of Fine Art subjects such as portrait, caricature, charcoal, acrylic, canvas, sculpture, realistic drawing and the like. Animation is included in the learning curriculum. This Children Art Course maybe used for children planning to apply for SOTA. Read more about Creative Extra Fine Art Class for children.

Manga Art Class

Japanese Comic
Age 10 and above

 Manga Art Class for children age 10 and above to specialise in the art of Japanese comic drawing, also known as Manga Art. Children in this art class will learn Manga art features, characters creation, sketching, storyboard, inking, screen tones. Read more about Manga Art Class for children.

Digital Art Class

Children Age 10 and above
Digital Art Class for children age 10 and above to explore the use of digital technologies to do fine art drawing, sketching, painting and finisihing. Professional studio software and drawing device will be used. Detail about Digital Art Class for childen.

Age Group is for reference only because of our courses will take into the competency level of the students.