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Art Courses

Choose from a variety of creative, professional, fun, innovative and therapeutic art program for different interest and age group.
Art materials mix
If you are looking to pick up an art skill, learn how to express yourself or just to relax, we will have a program for you to enjoy the art making process and build up your fine art skills.

Art for Children

For parents looking at comprehensive and well-designed Happy Art Classes for your child. They will have joy and learn a few essential skills: Draw, Paint, Fold and Build. It is because we ensure the process of our Happy Art Class includes: Joy, Explore, Create, and Express.

Specialised Art Courses

You can choose to focus on your specific passion or talent in certain specialisation such as Manga Anime, Comic, Chinese Painting, Pencil, Portrait, Watercolour, Acrylic paint, etc. 

Art demo acrylic paint

Art for Adult

There are art courses available here for adult as passion or career.  Learning is at your own pace and enjoy the process of being independence in making art with professional teacher mentor and coaching.
Watercolour Waterfalls

Digital Art course

Digital Art is an essential skill for any professional career into current and future creative industry. Learn the foundation of Digital Art at this course.
Digital Art Love Birds
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