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Professional Art Teacher
Training Course

ARTeach is professional art teachers' training course provided by UniqArts and Technologies. After completion of the course, art teachers will be knowledgeable and capable in coaching and nurturing  children in the field of art and creativity. This course by qualified, trained and experienced artist art teacher with over 20 years of field teaching experience with knowledge of child development, psychology and art therapy.
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Course Objectives
This course is to provide foundation of teaching art to children at different age group and stages. To learn the methods of teaching art and creativity to the young at different level. To understand the different developmental stages of children in art making and creative thinking. To learn the effective and efficient ways of teaching art.
Learn how to do class preparation, classroom management, materials handling and post teaching activities.

ARTeach Course Outline
ARTeach courses are systematic and structured into multiple levels and modules to provide progressive professional development. It covers both the theoretical approaches of art education and practical methods of teaching on site. The program covers the stages of art development and their implication. Trainees will learn how to nurture artistry and creativity and how to teach art. Trainees are to demonstrate their abilities to draw, colour and complete a picture. Course is being designed into a few modules as follows:

ARTeach Foundation Teaching:
Learn how to teach the foundation of drawing, colouring and expression through art for children age 4 to 6.  Course covers the theories, techniques, and practical skills for teaching this group of early learners. What are your preparation as an art teacher and methods of transferring drawing and coloring skills to them. The subjects and grouping for art related teaching. The creative area of this group of children. Finally, learn how to provide feedback and grading.

ARTeach Primary School Teaching:
Learn how to teach primary children age 7 to 9 in art, creativity and colouring. The course covers scope and depth of fine arts development for this group of students. The preparation and art supplies implication. In addition, learn how to teach and coach students to apply their foundation and how to introduce fine arts techniques such as paint works, perspective, colouring effects, sketching and shading, etc. Finally, learn how to provide feedback to students' art works and how to help them improve their works. 

ARTeach 3D Clay Modelling
Learn how to teach 3-dimensional sculptures and models to children age 9 to 12. Learn how to teach the use of basic tools for sculpturing and how to teach them the use of acrylic paint to do finishing. Course covers the technique of providing instructions and method of coaching the students for building various decorative, functional and 3D models. Finally, learn how to teach students doing remedy and final touch up of the sculptures.

Classroom Management
Learn how to manage classroom for art and creativity. Understanding the common effective class management for students to enjoy their creation, painting, and teacher is not stressed for some behavioral isues. Learn how to be dynamic and flexible in managing different students needs, changing layout and subjects appropriately. Learn how to do observation and study the group dynamic.

Behavioral and Performane

Learn how to manage some common behavioral issues that might affect the class and individual performance. Understanding how to manage them would be critical for successful and effective learning as an individual and also as a group. Learn how to manage them as appropriate and when necessary.

Creativity Teaching

Learn about the technique of teaching creativity and how to integrate them into the class syllabus. Understand and learn the process of creativity and how they affect the product in art. Learn the common creative talents of the students and how to nurture them accordingly.


Any matured adult who has a background in fine Art (visual art) from a recognised art institution. Adult without formal education must demonstrate fine art self learning skills and knowhow. Strong passion in art and teaching. Enjoy working with children, caring and love children. Ability to communicate well in English (written and spoken)Responsible and committed to teaching or any given assignment.

About ARTeach Trainer

ARTeach program is by qualified and trained artist art teacher Mr. Paul Lee.  Mr. Lee is a Singapore born artist, art therapist, and founder of UniqArts and Technologies in 1995. Mr. Lee holds a Master in Arts in Art Therapy from LaSalle College of the Arts and a Bachelor Degree in Management from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia. He also received his fine art certificate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. He has been teaching art since 1989 and experience in running different types of creative therapies for individuals, group or corporations. He is the author of the popular drawing books series - "Drawing is Easy".

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Course Fee and Duration

Course fee is $3,500/=. Registration fee at $30 and booking deposit at $100/=.
This course duration is for 12 sessions, 2 hours per session, to be completed within 3 months.

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