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For Personal or Corporate Gift
We provide unique and professional caricature art as a timeless gift for individual, couple, family and group. Our caricature art can be done with black and white or in water colours and customised to your needs.
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Professional Caricature Art
Caricature and Portraits are usually given as great present. There is more to them than just a physical likeness. A good portrait also has a soul and a life of it's own, treasured for years to come. A caricature or portrait is a life time memoirs. It is a unique way to celebrate a special occasion such as souvenirs for newborns, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings - whatever the occasion. Caricature can help you capture important moments in time with great humours. A gift with caricature or portraiture is worth a lifetime!

You can choose to do caricature as individual, couple or group. Drawing that also customised to enhanced the characteristic or special message to the individual or group. Professional drawing: black and white, or watercolours. Caricatures Art as great gifts for birthdays, friendships, weddings, anniversaries, leaving presents, family, loved one, or special occassion!We produce an original work of art for you ready with frame or for your own framing. Royality fee is applicable for any duplication of our artwork.Caricature for personal, family, corporate as a gift, event or activities.

 Caricature by Hands or Digital
Every caricature art is personalised, customised and unique. All art works will be done by our experienced and qualified artist finishing by hand and personal touch. Option for digital Caricature is available as well. We offer professional advice to our client based on our expertise and experience. We offercustomised caricature to include any background, costume, message, text, layout and adding humour and personalities.

Caricature Samples Gallery
Find out more about our Caricature works:
Caricature Art Gallery 1 for Couple and Individual
Caricature Art Gallery 2 for Family and Group

How to order
You need collect all necessary information below before giving you a quote based on your needs: Total number of persons (pax).Full body or head only. Size of paper (eg. A4, A3). Colours or Black and white. Specific dress or costume, if any (eg, Superman costume). Any other needs: message, background, company logo, etc. Any other request. Contact usto get a quotation. If the quote is within your budget, you will need to put a 80% deposit to start the service or 100% deposit for digital work. Your photo can be sent by hand or email in digital copy (the higher the photo resolution, the better it will be for us to study the detail). Photo MUST be recent, without any make up and clear enough such as the colours of the eyes.

Payment and lead time
We require 80% as deposit to work on the Caricature art and 20% cash upon collection. 50% additional surcharge may applied for any urgent or last minutes notice (less than 5 working days) and royality fee is applicable for any copy or duplication. In general, we need about 7 working days for a caricature work subject to work schedule and additional of 3 working days for framing subject to our project schedule and stock availablity of the frame.
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We accept Credit Card payment via Paypal as well.

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