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Chinese Brush Painting
and Calligraphy
Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy Class is for children and adult to learn, explore and enjoy the art of Chiness Ink Painting and writing US.  The class covers use of traditional ink making process, Chinese Brushes and Rice papers. Join us for the rich and fun culture experience now.
Chinese Brush Painting Horse

Course Objectives

To learn how to create Chinese Ink through ink stone and ink sticks. To learn how to paint subjects such as birds, scenery, fish, insect, fruits, flowers, etc. To understand the strokes and flow in Chinese Brush Painting. To learn the application and connection between Chinese Calligraphy for Chinese painting.  To appreciate and enjoy the rich culture of Chinese through ink and brush painting.

Course Outline

Learning Chinese is being simplified, interesting and fun with both traditional and  modern techniques of writing and painting. This class is to explore, experience and learn more about Chinese culture. Our innovative teaching and creative delivery will develop the interest about the chinese culture. Learn and explore a wide variety of themes such as flowers, insects, birds, animals, or scenery. The class will show the techniques of using Chinese Brushes and traditional rice papers to do painting, lines or tones. Learn the basic Chinese calligraphy words, strokes, flow and art of writing them.
Chinese Calligraphy

By Professional Artist Art Teacher

This program is by experienced and trained artist art teacher Paul Lee. Mr. Lee is an artist with versatile portfolio, he is an expert in portrait, caricature, fine art, chinese ink, calligraphy, digital art, mural, caricature, manga, comic. He has been teaching since 1989. He has experience in teaching children and adult professionally. Read more about the artist art teacher Mr. Paul Lee.

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching approach is to focus on the learning journey through teacher's demonstration with explanation for any specific concept, theory or techniques. The learners will observe and try the technique by themselves. Trainer will let learners take full ownership and encourage creativity through Creativity-Juice program. The teaching philosophy is to teach, inspire, explore and be creative. We also incorporate the use of art as therapy in the process so that learners can experience the therapeutic effect from the art making, relax and enjoy the creativity.

Language medium: Mandarin and English

For Who

Children and Adult. With or without background in Chinese language.

Course fee

$435/= (For 8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session). $30/= Registration Fee One time. $205 One-time Compulsory for new student for a basic material set (material price is subject to stock availability and subject to change without notice). Lesson is considered consumed if students absent from themselves without prior notice (2 days in advance)


Contact us for the latest course commencement date and timing.