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Comic Art Class

Age 10 and above
Comic Art Class teaches how to create various type and form of cartoon characters with confidence. Comic is a popular form of art in the creative industry. This course is to tap on the unlimited potential of creativity and future economy of the young talents.
Cartoon Art
Course Objectives

To learn how to draw and colour Comic Art with confidence. To learn the techniques of various type and form of cartoon art from basic to advance level. To learn how to create Comic characters, storyboard and chapterization. To understand the general requirement of printed and digital format in the Comic Art.

For Who

This course is for teenagers and children age 10 and above. 

Course Structure

Comic Art Course curriculum will be organised in multiple levels. Students must complete and be competent at every level before proceeding to the next level. In other words, they may choose to repeat the level if necessary.  

Each level is for 5 sessions, 1.5 hous per session. 
Syllabus covers progressive learning from Level 1 to 20 and the course outline is as follows: comic human and animals features, proportion, sketch and storyboard drawing techniques. Muscular features and movement for comic characters. Draw and create personalities for different comic characters and age group.
Comic Storyboard Bite
Background for Storyboard.
Inking techniques. Water colouring for comic. Effects and Colouring. Screen tones application and usage. Storyboard layout and chapters development

Language medium: English (option in Mandarin)

Course Fee and Duration 
$315 per level (5 lessons, 1.5 hours per session). Registration fee $30 for new student. Course runs by level, 5 sessons per level, 1.5 hours per lesson.Each level is to be completed within 7 weeks from the date of registration, otherwise it will be expired and forfeited.