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Text Title Comic Drawing Class

Learn how to draw and create Comic for a good humour expression with story, characters and colours. 
Cartoon Art

Course Objectives

To learn how to draw Comic style of human. To learn how to draw comical style of animals. To explore and learn how to create Comic characters. To learn how to form comic panel and storyboard. To learn the basic comic drawing techniques on animals and humans. Foundation in good storytelling and basic inking.To learn how to create multiple perspectives. 

Comic Art Drawing Faces 1

To learn the key to comic drawing in term of good humour. To explore creative mind mapping and idea generation. Intermediate inking to be taught.To learn how to create professional comic layout and fine touch up for publishing ready content. Learn how to create sound letterings.

Comic Sound Letterings

Background for Storyboard. Inking techniques. Water colouring for comic. Effects and Colouring. Screen tones application and usage. Storyboard layout and panelling.

Comic Drawing Dogs

Teaching Methods
We adopted proven teaching approach to engage students actively and learn with confidence:
ARTeach Program
Instructors are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach effectively, best practice and philosophy of teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. Teacher is trained to access students level and teaching them appropriately. Students will be given most opportunity to learn, practice and with self confidence in completion of their art work.

Creativity-Juice program is introduced throughout the team building activities and event to facilitate members creative thinking, creative problem-solving and team spirit.

Art Jamming Retreat:
The program is actively use of aesthetic, visual, images, and art-related projects to allow right brain function of members for rejuvenation, relaxation and retreat. Jamming might be through a combination of art, music, movement, mindfulness, meditation or the like depending on the appropriateness.

By Professional Artist

This course is by professional artist and art therapist Mr. Paul Lee Thiam Seng. Mr. Lee is the founder of UniqArts and Technologies in 1995. He is the creator for Creativity-Juice, ARTeach, Online Art Project, Green Origami Project and many other innovative program. Mr. Lee is an experienced artist and has been teaching since 1995 to adult, children and corporation. 

Course Fee Duration
$435/= for 8 sessions, 1 hour 30 minutes per session, excluding art materials. Please bring along basic art materials or purchase them at our center.

Language medium: English or Mandarin

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