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Creative Art Therapy
For Children and Adult
Creative Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses psychology of our mind through art. It is believed that art reflects truthfully ourselves more than words. Art Therapy is not art class or art activities because in art therapy, the focus is to alllow expressions, awareness, healing and creative self development. Art Therapy must be implemented by qualified and trained art therapist.
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Art Therapy Objectives

To connect art therapy, psychology and creativity as a form of relaxation, insight, wellness, and treatment.  To use art as therapy help in search of creative self, inner self, inner resources, team energy, team dynamic and bonding. To create bonding among family members. To create bonding among team members. To enhance personality and improve quality of life. To use art therapy as main core psychological treatment for psychological issues such as anger, inappropriate behaviours, depression, anxiety, fear, withdrawal, school bully, cyber bully, stress, trauma, distress, etc. To use art therapy with mindfulness and meditation for therapeutic experience, spiritual journey and help in any healing or recovery from any illness. To connect to authentic, creative and truthful self to build our mind and body health and wellness. To discover and in search of our strength, talents, creativity and inner resources in order to help us cope with life challenges. To develop team collaboration, team building and interpersonal bonding. To maximize our full potential through personal growth, awareness, transformation, reflection and insights.

Why UniqArts Art Therapy

Art Therapy is one of the oldest, proven and most effective form of wellness,  healing and expression. Evidence of art therapy can be traced from the visual images created inside the cave in the past. Visual art is a significant process and important for human development and evolution because it is used to communicate, to express, to record events, and to heal from psychological wounds or traumas. In the modern era, Art Therapy is used to balance our lives, to improve the quality of life, to heighten  awareness, to express, to bond, to strengthen a team, to find new ideas, to find strength, to resolve conflict or mental disorders, to heal mind and body, and many others.

Creative Art Therapy
is subtle, safe and effective psychotherapy to express, resolve and relieve from all kinds of pressure or stress from life. At the healing capacity, Creative Art Therapy is possible to allow troubled mind to recover, heal or find creative ways to tend our psychological wounds and trauma.
Art Therapy connect inner feelings and emotions and allow manifestation of our authentic feelings and emotions without the limit of language. Art as therapy or in therapy could be experienced during and after the process of art making. In art therapy, no background in art is required and it is suitable for all age group.  

Creative Art Therapy
is developed through art therapy and actively engage the creativity part of the self to build inner resources and in search of creative ways to sooth any unresolved issues, inner conflict and any potential struggles. They are based on theories, concept, research and practice of creativity, art therapy and psychology as modalities through therapeutic use of art in a safe and supportive transitional space for nurturing the mind for a holistic wellness and healthcare. Indeed, research has collected evidence that art therapy is an effective alternative psychotherapy and has the capacity to heal our mind and body.

The integration of creativity-juice, arts, art therapy and positive psychology is proven to be useful for individual growth, strength development, wellness, team building, talent search, virtues, strength, inner resources, creative active lifestyles, mind-body nurturing and all areas of human potential.

Our Art Therapy Treatment 

Art therapy to contain and resolve issues for persons withpsychological trauma and unresolved issues that affect daily routine, work place or life. Art therapy as an alternative healing treatment for persons with cancer illnesses and struggling, battle or recovery from them. Art therapy as insight of issues and behaviour modification for children with behavioural issues at school or home. Art Therapy as healing agent for persons with depression, anxiety or anger management issues. Art therapy as awareness and strength search for persons with interest to improve their mind and body wellness, and quality of lives.

Effective Treatment Process

Our treatment is through use of creativity and art to gain good understanding of the cause of the issues. Participants are to engage and enjoy themselves during guided or free art activities. The art therapist will assist and support the participants appropriately
The art therapist will provide appropriate intervention to treat the underlying issues
Verbal communication is not essential for this creative art therapy  treatment
It is more effective when treated without  verbal (talking) because of authentic self can be ready for long term treatment. Outcome of the therapy can be immediate or subtle after session when participants feel better or change for better. For children, outcome can be evidenced by their family members or school teachers. Once treatment is successful, participants will move on to their lives.
Creative Art Therapy treatment is by our qualified, trained and  experienced art therapist Mr. Paul Lee

Language medium English or Mandarin

Confidentiality and notes 
Art Therapy session can be personal and private sessions with full confidentiality to be strictly kept unless otherwise with written consent with exception when they might be harmful to any person.


"Dear Paul, Thank you for being a wonderful art therapist. Thanks for your humble service and commitment. May you grow in your profession and reach out to many who are in need. With appreciation (Sir Julia)."
"I truly enjoyed myself, especially with the availability of various different medium of art. Paul was excellent in sharing his knowledge and experiences. Thank you Paul (Suzanah)."
"Good! Therapeutic and healing of unfinished business in the past (Jasmine)."
"Relaxed, able to express myself unconsciously and finding out something about myself (Margaret)." "Intriguing. I got to know myself better; my inner strength. I enjoy the session very much. I wish it could be longer. I would recommend  this program to others (Joana)."
"Very experiential and interesting. Hope to get such therapeutic workshops in future (Mrs Cheong)." "Very insightful, therapeutic and calming. Learnt a lot of new things and interpretation (Juliana)." "It was fun. Allowed me to recall schooldays - that was the last time I touched paint and brush. I enjoyed expressing myself in spite of the amateurish strokes. I enjoyed even more Paul's interpretations of the use of colors, space, symbols, type of material and how much of it is unconscious, especially those aspect that tell our past. His insight is deep... Thanks a million! Thoroughly enjoyable and therapeutic, useful, applicable session! (Sally)." "Very therapeutic. It's has been a very long time since I touched paint (Siti Farina)." "Impressed with the insights of the trainer (Mr. Ng)."
"I enjoyed the session - quite therapeutic, enjoyed the process and quite proud of my art piece. Realised that anyone can use art therapy, need not be an 'arty' person (Mrs. Goh)."
"A relaxed ambience which makes a person calm and distress. (Norzakiah)."
"It subconsciously surfaced my strength and weaknesses and helped me dealt with my weaknesses in unexpected ways. It surfaced my innermost fears, struggles and even problem with my migrains, creating opportunities for further healing... (Deborah)"
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