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Creativity-Juice Program

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Creative Clay Modelling

Creativity-Juice is a series of program with techniques for unleashing creativity of individuals, team and organization. Creativity-Juice offers many techniques to open our mind, nurture, inspire, cultivate and empower visual thinking for ideas, innovation, problem solving, fitness, and wellness. It is based on the psychology and theory of human brain and creativitiy models. Creativity-Juice program has a comprehensive training program for divergent and convergent thinking for corporations and schools.

Program Objectives
To empower creativity thinking and innovation of individuals and organization. To inspire and motivate the values of creativity. To provide different level of training for different area of needs such as personal, educational, industry, well-being and therapy. To provide active learning about creativity, process and finished products. To enable learners right-brain thinking process to unleash creativity within individual and team. To learn how to use our right brain effectively and ability to do creative thinking.
Team bonding photo
To learn how to do creative for forecast, planning and execution. To explore and acquire know how to generate fresh ideas. To harness the power of team works into team creativity. To nurture visual and critical thinking for problem solving and process.To provide organization into competitive edge of creativity. To search for inner strength and resources through the use of Creative Art Therapy.  To provide team bonding and team building through refresh, renew and unique process.

For who

It is a program and course for organizations and companies to learn about creativity, creative process and techniques of generating ideas.It is as a perfect retreat and life balancing for everyone.
Creativity-Juice children
It is designed for children and teenagers as personal development and educational journey. Creativity-Juice is also for companies and institutions as fresh training to empower, enrich and enhance their human resources.
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 This is for
adult and group looking for therapy and well-being through creativity. It is also a program can be customised to the specific needs.
No background in art is needed. Just an open mind and passion about creativity.

Program Core Values
The Creativity-Juice program is flexible, scalable and inspirational to help individuals and institutions to leverage their human resources for health, positive thinking, and competitive edge.  It is a program to inspire people about their creativity talent, and how to use it in all aspects of life, work, and creative expression. Creativity-Juice course helps participants develop various level of skills in creative thinking, out the box thinking, change of perception and ability to do problem-finding, problem-solving.
Creative Team works

It is a life skill that everyone will need and a wealth that no-one can take away from you. With our RBA Creative Fitness Club, exercise your right brain can be easy and you can learn how to be creative in your life and works. Creativity-Juice program trains both divergent and convergent thinking.
Fitness Club
Creativity Fitness Club helps to keep our mind fit easy and simple. This club aims to take our mind to enjoy some healthy exercises for brain fitness. With healthy mind, comes with good physical well being. This unique and creative Fitness club is similar to our physical fitness, to be carried regularly to keep mind fit. Mind fitness helps prevent demnetia and build resilience. Creativity Fitness Club is a concept based on research of neuroscience, creativity, positive psychology, art therapy and art to facilitate pro-activity and positivity of our mind. Creativity Fitness Club is a comprehensive program with proven methods, tools, and techniques to change our perspectives, problem-solving, problem-finding, creative thinking, imagination, and ways of life for a good health. 
Creativity Juice Fitness Club
Creative Art Therapy is the core program in the center to connect to our creative inner self through non-verbal exploration and language.
This program is available as regular weekly workout for Corporate Human Resources development and wellness. Creativity Fitness Club is facilitated by experienced, trained and qualified trainer Mr. Paul Lee, who is an artist, art therapist and consultant in creativity. This is a club for school, corporation and institutions to unleash inner creative strength of their students, staff and customers. Contact us to find out how to establish a Creativity-Juice Fitness Club for yourself, your companies, communities or families.

Proven Methodologies
  Creativity-Juice program uses proven research, effective process and methods for meaningful, fun learning, joy and enriching experience.
Art Jamming Retreat
We use Art Jamming to relax mind and loosen the team for creative ideas. The program is actively use of aesthetic, visual, images, and art-related projects to allow right brain function of members for rejuvenation, relaxation and retreat. Jamming might be through a combination of art, music, movement, mindfulness, meditation or the like depending on the appropriateness.

Creative Art Therapy
We engage the search for inner strength and creative resources through the use of Creative Art Therapy. The therapeutic process of using creativity and art is facilitated in order to empower members visual thinking.
Creative Art Therapy
Eco-Based Approach
Our approach is to provide Environment Awareness and eco friendly project to incorporate into the Creativity training. It is part of our effort to save the planet and heal the earth. Participants will need to work together creatively to reuse and recycle papers through technique of paper folding. Our events are organized to be environmental friendly, reducing waste and promote sustainability. This could be the core objective for the workshop or as supplement.
Process and Product
Creativity-Juice program covers both process and product of individual and team ideas. We provide facilitation and debrief for reflection about the process to strengthen the creative learning, exploration, and teamworks. Event can be organized to actively engage in the process of team creative works and joy of bonding. In addition, the unique workshop of our creativity-juice have a choice to enhance the creative products with aesthetic quality for a proud masterpieces as a collective memory after the event. 
About the Trainer
Mr. Lee Thiam Seng (Paul) is a Singapore born artist, art therapist, and consultant. He is the founder of UniqArts and Technologies. Mr. Lee holds a Master in Arts - Art Therapy with LASALLE College of the Arts and a Bachelor Management Degree with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technologies. He is also trained in fine arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Mr. Lee is the creator virtual art classroom www.onlineartclass.com. He is the author of the children books - Drawing is Easy. He is the web site designer for uniqArts and developer of ChinesExplorer, Animation-is-Easy program, and the series of innovative program. Mr. Lee has facilitated many creative and art projects for therapeutic and developmental for children and adult. He has experiences in running individual and group art therapy treatment for children and adult at schools and hospitals. Mr. Lee conducted a research at KKH with Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for his Master thesis: "Art Therapy as a Modality of Healing in Stages - For Women with Breast Cancer." 

Furthermore, Mr. Lee led many UniqArts Creative Therapies and some of the corporate clients are Chevro, Cherie Hearts Kindergarten, Faber Castell, Health Promotion Board, National Library Board, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison, Schools, Feiyue, PCF, SBS Transit, NTUC, OAG, Sony, SAP, TOUCH Community, United Square, Unilever, etc.
"Learnt a few strategies to generate creativity (Diane)." "Interesting exercises, a lot of visual effects (Jolie)."  "Stretch my brain to think in many ways and explore my own creativity (Mdm Loh)."
"Interesting, engaging trainer (Priscilla)." "Interesting ideas shared on how to generate ideas. Hands-on activities were useful to practise ideas shared. Thank you. Excellent job (Mdm Lee)." "Not bad. Able to learn some tips on creativity in such a short time (Ms Lim)."

"I have learnt some tips about being creative and see things from different perspectives. I have the creativity in me. I just need to believe and develop (Mr. Azam)."
"Excellent. Great ideas (Edwin)." "Good workshop. Helps one to be more active and creative. Use more of our brain power interestingly (Florence)."

"These programme help us to expand our creative side and be more open to options (Ms. Hamizah)." "Very interesting. Techniques taught was useful (Kelvin)." "Enriching and broadens my mind to start thinking from a different perspective. I will start thinking more creatively through changes in routines and lifestyle! (Mr. Law)."

"Good ideas on how to boost creativity and good to know that creativity does not die with age (Ms S.Y. Tan)." "The therapeutic function in art is an eye-opener. I enjoyed the jokes and activities (Ms S.C. Lim)."

"Something new that I discovered that creativity could be learnt (Mr. Chan)." "General good grasp of triggering innate creativity (Mr. Woo)."
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