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Custom Art Course

 Custom Art Course is a program that customised and based on personal interest, appropriate skill and competency level. Students will get personal attention with personalised program. They will learn, explore and enjoy the art making and creativity.
Knight Ray

Course Objectives
To understand, explore and learn the art according to personal interest, skill and competency level. To learn art at your own pace and develop the work professionally. To learn about creativity and how to express them visually. To learn and explore different medium. To learn the techniques of expression through art creation and painting. To learn the various methods of colouring, blending, and composition.
Art Canvas Scenery
Course Outline 
This course covers the techniques, theory and practice of art. We will assess the student ability and skill level so as to design a suitable personal program. 
Portrait Drawing
The customised program covers  the following categories: Drawing and sketching, Human Portrait and figures, Perspectives and composition, Animals observation and drawing, Fashion Drawing and illustration, Storytelling and layout, Colour theories and application, Research and development of art, Artist references, etc.
Pencil Sketch
Course outline will be discussed in depth with students. The personal art course will be adjusted according to level of program, personal interest and resources.

Language medium: English or Mandarin

Teaching Approach

Our teaching methodologies are proven to engage the learning in a fun, relaxing and effective. Professional and flexible teaching approach according to the levels and participants background.
ARTeach Program
Instructors are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach effectively, best practice and philosophy of teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. Teacher is trained to access students level and teaching them appropriately. Students will be given most opportunity to learn, practice and with self confidence in completion of their art work. 

Creativity-Juice Program
During the program, we incorporate creativity-juice process for creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development. This program helps to engage the right and left side of the brain actively. 

Creative Art Therapy
During the lesson, therapeutic process is integrated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Therapy is practiced through mindfulness for stress release, relaxation and recharge.

Creative Expression through Art

Learn and explore the Creative Expression through art. Understand the use of different medium for different needs of expression. 

By Professional Artist and Trainer

This course is by professional artist and art therapist Mr. Paul Lee Thiam Seng. Mr. Lee is the founder of UniqArts and Technologies in 1995. He is the creator for Creativity-Juice, ARTeach, Online Art Project, Green Origami Project and many other innovative program. Mr. Lee is an experienced artist and has been teaching since 1995 to adult, children and corporation. 

Course Fee Duration
$500 for 4 sessions, 2 hours per session.
 One time payment for $30 administration and registration fee. Please bring your own art materials or $205 for basic set of art materials. (subject to stock availability)

Please contact us for other timing or enquiry