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Creative Design Course

Creative Design Course is for beginners and experienced designers to explore, experience and learn how to create design for products, fashion, architecture or web. Course covers techniques of various medium to do rendering and finishing works. 
Markers Rendering Car

Course Objectives
To learn how to sketch and illustrate design works such as products, fashion, interior design, architecture design and others. Learn how to generate ideas with perspectives. To learn and explore the various medium for rendering and colouring. To explore the various techniques involved into rendering, texture works, layouts, depth, space, etc.. To learn how to do fine touch up for final finished art work. To explore secondary medium to enhance the rendering effect.
Product Design
For Who
For anyone doing product design, architecture drawing, concept sketch for fashion design, characters, etc.
Hair dryer design with marker rendering
Course Outline and Focus
This course covers: How to generate ideas. Learn how to do quick thumb nail sketches and concept drawing. Learn how to draw with various perspectives and depth. Understanding the different types of medium and the appropriate papers. Making 2D and 3D rendering. The use of light and shadow. The texture studies and effects for design The concept layout and colouring process of product design. Learn about perspective in interior design.
Interior Design
Explore architecture design layout and creation. Fine touch up and finishing with other dry medium.  
xplore and learn the concept, planning and process of markers rendering.  
Architecture design
Creativity-Juice program is integrated into the program to unleash creativity talent and innovative thinking, creative problem solving skill and balancing left and right brains. 
Language medium: English
Course Fee and Duration 
Course fee $435/= for 8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session.
To be completed within 10 weeks. New student to add one time payment of
$30 Registration fee and $205 for material set (or, bring your own art materials.)

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