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Digital Art 2

Digital Art Course uses computer aided devices and professional studio software to create professional digital art works. This is an Art course that takes hand drawn techniques into digital form and space. This is a essential skill for current and future creative industry.

Digital Art Stagbeetles

Course Objectives
To learn and explore the creation of art and design works using techniques through the aid of computer hardware and studio software. To focus on both theory and practical approach to learn digital art with confidence and critical thinking. To be creative and understand the digital requirement for creative industry.

For Who
This course is for students age 10 and above, owns a personal laptop computer and with knowledge of basic computer hardware and software.
Digital Art Tools

Course Curriculum and Outline

Digital Art Program is structured into 3 levels:

Foundation Level

Learn the basic digital art theory and concept. To explore use of digital drawing tools in simulation of pencil, charcoal, paint brush and ink. Learn basic digital software tools to sketch, outline and colour. To learn, explore and understand how to create different format of digital art. Fee is $435/=. Total of 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per lesson. In addition,  to own Wacom drawing tool and licensed studio software.
Digiital Art Dachshund 

Intermediate Level

At this level, learn how to do make digital art with layers and effects. To learn and explore the free hands drawing and use of software tools to create finishing art. The level will explore creative use of digitalized art work and editing.  Fee is $435/= Total of 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per lesson.
Digital Art Watermeleon close up

Advanced Level

Learn how to create realistic digital drawing and proporting. Learn and explore portrait, human figures and animation. Explore concept of merging, integration and fine measurement. Explore different styles and concept of making different digital artworks. Fee S$435/= . Total of 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per lesson.
Digital Art Sport car
Digital Art Gallery 1 -
Digital Art Gallery 2 -
Digital Art Gallery 3 -

Language medium: English

Teaching Methodologies

Our teaching methodologies are proven to be effective and develop the students full potential.

ARTeach Training
Teachers are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach art according to the student's ability, fine art development, good practice and philosophy of art teaching with UniqArts and Technologies.  Teachers are trained to teach and not do for the students.

Practical Hands On
Our Digital Art Course main focus is for students to spend less time on programming or theories and more on practical hands on. This practical hands on approach is essential for student to build a comprehensive porfolio of art. It is also to provide the maximum opportunity to explore and develop the high quality of art works. In addition, to development creative thinking and problem solving.

This class covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. This program helps to engage the right side of the brain actively and balance with left side of the brain as well.
Digital Art Apache

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