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Mural Art

We provide mural art service by professional and experienced artists. Indeed, our specialisation is visual fine art, innovative and creative expression. We make mural art to be lasting, durable, washable and easy to maintain.
Mural Art Sample

We help to create an inspiring environment with artistic and creative mural. Unlike paint work or wall papers or stickers, when a good mural paint work done over the wall, it will provide a whole new feeling. Indeed, there are many tangible and long term benefits of a good Mural Art: Increase Space usage, Inspiration, Relaxation, Visual message, Impression, Uniqueness, and Values.

Why UniqArts

We are trained in fine art and full process mural work idea development, concept, layout, selection of art medium, planning and finishing work professionally. The wall is our canvas and space for creativity and artistic interest. Our specialisation is fine art and creative expression. We take on full commission work: idea generation, thumbnail sketches, mural paint work and finishing touch up. Here are some Mural art samples:
Mural art sample Scenery


Depending on your budget, time frames and sometimes, weather condition. Mural art might takes days, weeks or months.

Request for Quotation(RFQ)

Please provide the following information for an estimation of the mural art cost: Area in meters (height and width). Interior or Exterior . Theme eg. Garden, Save the Earth. Expected time frame. Budget. Any Site digital photo or Site visit might be necessary prior any quotation.

How to order

Payment terms: 80 percent deposit prior any work and 20 percent upon completion. Upon 80 percent deposit payment, we will work on a few thumb sketches for your approval prior actual mural art. Upon completion of the mural art, 20 percent payment will be due immediately. Contact us for your needs now.