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Origami Art

Origami is a term coined in Japan as Ori:folding and Gami (aka KAMI): paper. It is a traditional craft made with exceptional fine motor skills, imagination, creativity and science. Art of paper folding is widely used in many areas.

Mindfulness Therapy

Indeed, Origami is an art of folding with a single or multiple sheets of paper into 2 or 3 dimensional object, product or gift. 

Origami Diamond Rings

Folding may be done even without use of scissor or glue. Yet, the final product can be firm, functional, high quality and aesthetic.

Beautiful Origami Crane

The benefit of Origami is being proven especially in the area of math, science, art, creativity and logic thinking. Indeed, Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura created folding style that allows each section to be flat when folded and full space when open. It has been used for Space Flyer unit satellite and influenced many developmnet of other materials to be packed into a compact space and unflod in one continuous motion. It is also a popular folding of a single large map into a tiny paper. It is hence being called a Miura Map folding. An application of tessellation is made possible by Origami theory.
Origami Miura Map Folding

In addition, this can be a mindfulness form of  therapy when making easy folding as meditative mode. We coined this specialised form of art therapy as MINDrigami. Folding papers will involve both our hands and mind to be active. It is a craft that is fun, mindfulness and therapeutic for all ages. Indeed, paper folding involves both left and right hands for precision and balance. It is becoming a therapeutic and important hands on exercise for this digital age.
Origami Pentagon wheel3

Indeed, this is one of the important craft for this modern age to allow people disconnect from electronic devices. It is because Origami helps us enjoy a moment of interconnection and strengthening through our both hands and mind interaction.

Origami Fractal Pattern
Origami can be folded and connected with multiple models. They are great for team building and group bonding. 
Modular Origami models

Program Objectives

Origami Art is a series of workshop and program for children, adult and corporate events.The main objectives is to explore the creativity fun of a single sheet or multiple sheets of 2D papers into 3D objects through the use of paper folding (also known as Origami) techniques.

Origami Mini Peacock

To learn the paper folding for functional, decorative or fun application.To develop creative thinking and creative problem solving with program.To build the interconnectivity between logic and creative mind development.

Origami Models Mix 1

 To provide a hands-on and minds-on exercise and activities. To experience, appreciate and explore the arts of paper folding in a creative environment. To develop the ability to be independent in following instructions.

Origami page corners

To empower and enhance left brain thinking through systematic teaching. To balance both left and right brain in the process. To develop logic thinking, creative mind and problem solving skills. To understand how a problem can be solved through many solution.

Benefits of Origami Art

The art of folding papers trains our left and right brain concurrently. At the same time, it can be used to develop creative thinking and innovative idea development.

Origami model stars

These development will be achieved through our fun and interactive learning environment. Through the use of hands and mind, you can explore 3D models development. There are more than one solution to build the same model.

Origami Star8 Octagon1

It has been proven as an effective channel to boost academic studies, problem solving, memory empowerment and cognitive development. Working with others through paper folding is great for bonding as well. Do them with friends, colleagues, family or making friendship. There are many Origami models can be fun with moving parts, flying, jumping, spinning, etc.

Perfect Timeless Gift

Hands made items from folding papers can be a great timeless, meaningful, caring and thoughtful gifts. They have more value than material gifts because they are fine craft works given by another person. A hand folded gift is heart warming and touching. You can personalise it with a message as well.
Origami Model Heart Blossom

You can learn the craft together and create gift for exchange as well. Origami art is environmental friendly and subject such as flowers are fairly lasting and highly aesthetic. You can fold and make them as gift, decoration for office or home.

Bouquet of flowers

You can also take old magazine papers and transform them into a beatiful bonquet of flowers and great display. We coined this as "Green Origami" because we believe doing our part to help save the earth and heal the planet. The art of folding can go beyond paper and wisdom of human has made this craft for useful items such as Ketupat rice dumplings pouch.
Ketupat samples with coconut leaves

One of the amazing folding is using leaves to fold and be able to cook, hold or serve food. It can be used for filling rice and cook them. A great example is using coconut leaves with weaving for rice dumplings.
Ketupat Rice Dumplings Pouch

It is organic, natural and strong with just weaving and folding. We can also apply them with ribbons and it is a great timeless gift and iconic culture heritage. 
Ketupat Pouch Ribbon

Coconut leaves are also being used creatively to make subject like Grasshoppers. 
Grasshoppers craft with Coconut Palm leaves

Taking the concept of folk craft wisdom, we can design amazing items without any glue or staples.
Origami Interbonding


Our teaching methodologies are proven to engage the art of science, math, creativity and skills. Flexible teaching approach according to the levels and participants background.

Origami Heart 2 Heart

ARTeach Program: Instructors are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach effectively, good practice and philosophy of teaching with UniqArts and Technologies.

Child Education and Development: We understand the child development process and stages. Origami is being scaled according to the child level and age group. Children learn through the folding, they can create their own toys and games. At the same time, Origami activity helps them develop their mind into creativity, math, science, architecture and engneering. Adult will take the Origami craft to higher level of math and science.

Origami Modl Bulldozers

Math, Science, Architecture and Engineering
We incorporate concept of math, science, architecture, and engineering such as space, volume, mass, symmetrical design, asymmetrical, flight simulation, and precision measurement for a funfilled and knowledgeable workshop. Theory and practice of logical thinking creativity will be used. Indeed, Origami is can be very valuable to train dynamic thinking for future engineers,  scientists, scholars, inventors, and any profession in need of  math, science, architecture and engineering foundation. In fact, creativity can be fully released with Origami.

Creativity-Juice Program: Origami workshop covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. This program helps to engage the right and left side of the brain actively. Games and motion Origami are introduced for interactive and fun process.

Origami Sun

Creative Art Therapy: During Origami workshop, therapeutic process is incorporated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Therapy is practiced through mindfulness for stress release, relaxation and recharge.

Team Bonding and Building: Building and working on common models of Origami and activities create opportunity for bonding creatively. Team members support each other and gain new insights of their team members from different perspectives. Team works are essential in some modular structure models of Origami.

Origami Art Program

Origami Art Program is structured into 3 main levels:

Foundation Level

Learn the basic folding techniques and instructions to gain understanding of the principle and theory of folding. This level covers some traditional models and foundation of making various fold. Folding models generally not more than 10 folds per model. Focus on single sheet of paper. 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per lesson. You will learn about 20 models in this level.

Origami models

Intermediate Level

You will take the foundation to a higher level by increasing the complexity of paper folding. This level involves single and multiple sheets of papers. The level will teach the multi-dimensional skill of folding. The number of folds will increase up to 20. Modular models are introduced. The level has 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per lesson. You will learn about 20 Intermediate models in this level.

Origami models speedboat

Advanced Level

The advanced level is to be able to create models with more than 20 folds. In addition, to explore foil, dry and wet folding. Learn how to modify and create your own Origami models. Most important of all, you will learn how to record your creation, step by step and using Origami symbols. The number of folds can increase up to 30 or more.
Origami Powerstars

Additional tools will be introduced to create complex models. The level has 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per lesson. You will learn about 20 Advanced models in this level.

Origami mini book

Fee and Duration

Course fee S$435/= for each level or a package of 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per session. S$30/= for registration fee, one time. Each package MUST be completed within 8 weeks, otherwise it will be considered expired and forefeited. Any drop-in session is S$80/= for ad-hoc or trial. All materials are excluded, please bring your own Origami papers or purchase them at our center. Please contact us for other Origami Program for your needs.

Green and Upcycling Origami : Recycling initiative with this Green and Upcycling Origami Art project. Learn the creativity of transforming old and used papers into daily functional, useful and decorative items.
Team Bonding through Origami: Origami can be practiced as a group and create opportunity to bond as a team. Team members support each other and gain new perspective about their fellow colleagues.

Origami Models Gallery

We offer different models and folding techniques depending on the participants skill level, duration and workshop objectives. Single sheet of paper, modular with multiple sheet of papers or mixture with craft. Check out some of the Origami models.

Origami Models Gallery 1

Origami Flowers

Origami Models Gallery 2

Origami model Elephants

Origami Models Gallery 3

Origami Models Gallery 3

Origami Models Gallery 4

Origami Model Kangaroo

Origami Models Gallery 5

Origami Modular Vase
Origami Models Gallery 6

Origami Model - Parrot Scarlet Macaw
Origami Models Gallery 7

Origami Princess Dress
Origami Models Gallery 8

Origami Model Dove Flying

Origami Models Gallery 9

Origami Scorpion

Origami Models Gallery 10

Origami Model Heart Blossom

Origami Models Gallery 11
Origami Star8 Octagon2'

Origami Flowers

Origami Flowers

Modular Origami Models Gallery 1

Origami 3D Cubes

Modular Origami Models Gallery 2

Origami Fun Spin Wheel
Origami Motion - Spinning Wheel

Origami motion jumping frog

Origami Motion - Jumping Frogs
Origami flapping bird 1
Origami Motion - Flapping Bird 1
Origami flapping bird 2
Origami Motion - Flapping Bird 2
Origami Parrot Flapping Bird 3

Origami Flapping Bird 3

Origami Motion Infinity Cubes

Origami Motion Infinity Cubes
Origami Motion Spinning Ninja Star 1

Origami Motion - Spinning Ninja Star 1
Origami Motion - Spinning Ninja Star 2

Origami Motion - Spinning Ninja Star 2
Motion Origami Spin wheel6

Origami Motion - Super Spin Wheel6

Infinity Stars Model video

Infinity Stars Model 1
Spiral Spinning Rose Model Video

Origami Rose spiral spinning

Origami Flying Dragon video

Origami Flying Dragon 3

Origami Fun Motion Tum Tum video

Origami Fun Motion Tum Tum

Origami Infinity Flexagon Video

Origami Infinity Flexagon
Origami Spinning Star Coaster

Origami Spinning Star Coaster
Origami Transforming Star

Transforming Star
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