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Origami Flowers for Timeless Occasions

Origami Flowers for All Occasions
Origami flowers are great for all occasions such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, event, and valentines. They are long lasting and timeless gift of all times, beside the benefit of Origami in the area of math, science, art, creativity and logic thinking. You can present this as a gift. 

Perfect Timeless Gift

Hands made items from folding papers can be a great timeless, meaningful, caring and thoughtful gifts. They have more value than material gifts because they are fine craft works given by another person. 
Gift box with roses
Origami art is environmental friendly and subject such as flowers are fairly lasting and highly aesthetic. You can fold and make them as gift, decoration for office or home.
Origami Bouquet of flowers

For those with time and passion of Origami, making them by yourself will showcase the determination with care, love and heart. 

Origami Heart 2 Heart

Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses are wonderful gift for Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Secretary Day, Women Day, etc.
Origami Bouquet of Roses
You can choose to include Origami Vase as well.
Origami Bouquet of Roses with Origami Vase

Bouquet of Lily Flowers

A bouquet of Lily flowers are great alternative to roses as well.

Origami Bouquet of Lily flowers with vase

Hybrid of Roses and Lily Flowers

With bot Roses and Lily Flowers will create a new dimension of freshness.
Origami Bouquet of Flowers mix

Origami Flowers Art 

Learn the basic folding techniques and instructions to fold a few flowers: Tulip, Lily flowers, Hydrangea, Roses, etc. Learn how to create an Origami vase with modular folding methods. Finally, you will learn how to make a bouquet of flowers with vase. In addition, learn how to fold Hearts and Butterflies as decoration. This course has 8 lessons, 1.5 hours per lesson. 
Origami Star Roses by Hand

Fee and Duration

Package Fee is $435/= for each level, inclusive of papers. Each level is for 8 lessons as a package, 1.5 hours per lesson. $80/= for trial or drop-in session. Contact us for other Origami Program for your needs.
Origami Spiral Rose

By Professional Trainer Mr. Paul Lee

Mr. Lee Thiam Seng (Paul) is the an artist, art therapist and founder of UniqArts and Technologies in 1995. Mr. Lee holds a Masters of Art in Art Therapy and a Business Management Degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technologies. He is the creator for Creativity-Juice program that engage actively for critical and creative thinking for ideas and problem solvinng skill. He initiated the Green Origami project to provide environment awareness. Mr. Lee has been conducting Origami Workshop to Corporations, adult and children.

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