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Origami Art Class

Course Objectives

This Origami Class is for anyone to explore, experience, and hands on with paper folding art. They will learn how to create from a single sheet of 2D paper into 3D object through the use of paper folding techniques. To learn the paper folding for functional, decorative or fun application. To learn how to read basic folding instructions. To develop creative thinking and creative problem solving with Creativity-Juice program. To build the interconnectivity between logic and creative mind development.
Origami Models Mix 1

For Who

For children, adult, corporate, and interest group with or without any background in Origami.

Why Origami Art Class

The art of Origami can be used to train mathematic mind and logic thinking. At the same time, it can be used to develop creative thinking and innovative idea development. These development will be achieved through our fun and interactive learning environment. It has been proven as an effective channel to boost academic studies, problem solving and memory empowerment.

Course Outline and Focus

This course will focus the creative and fun process of paper folding techniques. Creative and simplified instructions will be given. Children will learn how to do basic and fun subjects of origami such as boat, airplanes, helicopter, animals, birds, containers, flowers, etc. Also, learn how to apply skills of Origami to functional, practical and daily life. You will learn use of single sheet of paper folding, modular folding, wet finished folding, recylced paper folding, etc. In addition, it is integrated with Creative Art Therapy and Creativity-Juice program to unleash creativity talent and thinking, balancing use of left- and right- brain. Green origami may be introduced.

Fee and duration

$435/= for a block of 8 sessions
1 hour per session.
$30 Registration fee.  

Language medium: English or Mandarin

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