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Creative Art Retreat

UniqArts offers unique, creative and therapeutic Retreat. Our retreat is to break away routine lifestyles, works, and actively engage mind body for wellness and bonding. It is for personal therapy, couple, family and corporate team bonding.
Retreat Paper Folding

Retreat Objectives

To provide wellness and therapeutic activities for relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. To engage mind and body for good health and happiness. To provide insights for participants to do self discovery, strength searching, and creative self development. To provide various techniques, theories and concept for best practice in healthare and problem solving skills. To bring home with a fresh perspective and open mind to manage any challenges ahead.

For Who

For managers, professional and executives who are looking for a unique and creative retreat to improve their well-being, strengthen their mind and understand themselves more from new perspectives.  For corporate retreat, team bonding and team building for a seamless, high spirit, productive and winning competitive team.

Retreat: Strength
Draw Your Strength
Draw out your strength In this retreat. During the retreat, you will be guided to explore and find your strength as an individual, couple, family or as a team. Discover hidden strength and resources to improve your personal and workplace well-being.
Retreat Draw Your Strength
Through the use of art as therapy and positive psychology, you will explore the different level of any positive traits that can be used as resources for achieving goals and well-being. This retreat covers the current personalities in you and your team members. It is useful with deep understanding to capitalize diverse personalities for wellness and team cohesiveness.

Retreat: Release
Release Your Stress
In this retreat, learn various techniques in releasing your stress. The ability to make your stress vanish is an essential element to be recharged and regain the control of your life.
Release Your Stress
The program will explain and hands on the use of art and creativity as a mean to release our stress. Learn how to manage your stress appropriately and regularly is important to our well-being. The stress level is different for different people. During the retreat, therapist will share how to know your stress threshold and when do you need to help yourself before it becoming a problem for you. The retreat will provide hands on practice for express ourselves fully to remove burden of the minds. After the retreat, participants will be ready to engage any challenges.

Retreat: Creativity-Juice
Creativity-Juice Wellness

Learn how to use Creativity-Juice to solve problems, finding solutions, changing perspectives and take charge of your physical and mental wellness.
Creativity-Juice exercise
This retreat use of various concepts and techniques for our brains to learn and restore the creative self in breaking bottlenecks and blindspot of ourselves. During the retreat, therapist will share the level of creativity within yourself, group and team.
creativity juice
Creativity-Juice RBA tools are introduced to allows right brain to be active and balance the left brain activities. Various activities, exercises and real-life cases to be worked on by individuals or group in order to solve the problems and finding solution.

Retreat Package

Retreat package can be half a day or a few days program, depending on your needs, group size and budget. Please contact us for your needs now.

Proven Methodologies
We adopted proven methodologies to engage active minds and practical learning during Retreat to ensure a fruitful, fun and active learning:

Art Jamming Retreat:
The program is actively use of aesthetic, visual, images, and art-related projects to allow right brain function of participants for rejuvenation, relaxation and retreat. Jamming might be through a combination of art, music, movement, mindfulness, meditation or the like depending on the appropriateness.
Art Jamming
Origami Art:
We also offer hands and minds co-ordination form of paper folding, also know as Origami. The familiar craft connects each other with lots of joy, fun and strengthen bond. Learn the usefulness of Origami and how to practice them weekly.
Origami Art
Creative Art Therapy:
The therapeutic process of using creativity and art is facilitated in order to engage 
participants into rejuvenation, relaxation and recharge from this program. At the end of the program, art therapist will do debrief about process and provide reflections cum insights to help participants understand how they can benefit from this program. 

Eco-Based Approach:
Our approach is to provide Environment Awareness and eco friendly project to incorporate into some of the program. We are living, breathing and every effort is important for usto save the planet and heal the earth.
Upcycling Project
Creativity-Juice program is a program with proven research on neurology and creativity. It is used for retreat to facilitate participants into generating ideas, creative thinking, creative problem-solving and team spirit. Visual thinking creatively is the key to our event as well. 

Process and Product:
Our retreat program provide unique process and visual products. They are exceptionally useful for participants to reflect and review themselves. it is also a wonderful recorded journal for participants as well. Trainer will provide facilitation and debrief for reflection about the process and insights about the products.  
Retreat Softness

What to bring

Participants just need to bring themselves with open minds. We will prepare all supplies and our trainer will facilitate the retreat professionally.

By Qualified Trainer

Creative Art Retreat is by Mr. Paul Lee, who is qualified, experienced and trained in the art and creativity fields. Mr. Lee is an artist, art therapist, consultant and founder of UniqArts and Technologies. Mr. Lee holds a Master in Arts (Art Therapy) with LaSalle College of the Arts and A Bachelor degree with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technologies (RMIT). He is also trained in fine arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Mr. Lee has facilitated many creative art projects for therapeutic and developmental. Mr. Lee is the author of the popular Drawing is Easy books series and creator of several innovative program such as Creativity-Juice, ChinesExplorer, Animation is Easy, Creative Art Therapies, OnlineArtclass, and many others.

Mr. Lee led many creative art projects, art therapy, retreat and workshops for schools, hospitals and corporations. They include Estee Lauder, Chevro, Cherie Hearts Kindergarten, Faber-Castell, Health Promotion Board, National Library Board, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison, Singapore Traffic Police, Hwa Chong Junior College, Primary schools, Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN), KK Women's and Children's Hospital, PCF Foundation, Changi General Hospital, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, Feiyue Community, PCF, SBS Transit, NTUC, OAG, Johnson & Johnson, DFS, TOUCH Community, United Square, Unilever, Ministry of Home Affair, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Housing Development Board, SCOR, SAP, Ministry of Health, National University Hospital Systems, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Customs, Sony, Instron, etc. He has also experiences in running individual and group art therapy treatment for pupils at schools and hospitals. 
Language medium: English or Mandarin
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"Eye opener and interesting. This program helps me to understand myself better (Vicki)." "I feel that this program has helped me to increase my self-awareness and to understand myself better (Hajra Bee)"

"It is interesting and fun. The bonding with the team is strong. We respect each other work and art piece. (Lim Liang Ching)."

"I feel that the program helps me to relax, go inside my heart to release something. Instructor (art therapist) gave comments about my strengths that I never think of. Gave me new perspective on myself. (Mdm Lo Ting Fung)"

"It was a very good experience and good blend of team building activity and discussion. Working together on combined canvas is good. Good way to introduce yourself to a new team and build a good relationship. Easy to participate, not stressful and easy for multiple languages. Thank you (Anna Wynn)."

"Reminds me that it's good to defocus to encourage creativity. Nice activity to collaborate on. Debriefing is important. (Marcus H.)"

"Good to bond with team members.Feeling good about the freedom to splash colour (Grace)." "Very interesting. Good way to see team dynamics in action. Creativity. Good to know how other team react to change. Useful and insightful feedback from facilitator (Alvin Tan)."

"Happy to play with colours and see the creativity of my colleagues. (Thomas)". "Interesting and I felt relaxed. Doing the activity I interacted with my colleagues, some whom I have not spoken much with. (Nothini)." "Quite inspired. Got to know other colleagues better. (Haslindah)."

"Knowing the strong points about myself. This program helps me to make use of strong points and improve in my weakness. (Mdm Wong)."

"It was a good way to understand oneself and relaxing. This program helps me know myself better. (Hilyan)."

"I feel that I understand my strengths better. Program is useful in sharing with the facilitators (art therapist) and receiving insights (Amirah)."

"I have learnt some tips about being creative and see things from different perspectives. I have the creativity in me. I just need to believe and develop (Mr. Azam)."
"Excellent. Great ideas (Edwin)." "Good workshop. Helps one to be more active and creative. Use more of our brain power interestingly (Florence)."

"These programme help us to expand our creative side and be more open to options (Ms. Hamizah)." "Very interesting. Techniques taught was useful (Kelvin)." "Enriching and broadens my mind to start thinking from a different perspective. I will start thinking more creatively through changes in routines and lifestyle! (Mr. Law)."

"Good ideas on how to boost creativity and good to know that creativity does not die with age (Ms S.Y. Tan)." "The therapeutic function in art is an eye-opener. I enjoyed the jokes and activities (Ms S.C. Lim)."

"Something new that I discovered that creativity could be learnt (Mr. Chan)." "General good grasp of triggering innate creativity (Mr. Woo)."