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Seminar for Parents and Teachers

How Art helps in Child Development

This seminar aims to give parents and teachers information about how art helps children in their development. And to gain additional understanding about the child better. The seminar also talk about why good art education is essential for a balance growth, academic performance, social, cognitive development and health.

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Seminar Brief

To give parents an understanding about the impact of art, creativity and art therapy for child development. In this seminar, we will provide knowledge, information and best practice about art education, development stages and related intellectual development. Parents will get additional strategy to help their child grow up strong, happy and well through visual communication. 

For Who

Parents and Teachers who are interested to know more about child development through art and creativity.

Seminar Fee and Duration

Seminar duration is about 3 hours. Fee is S$80/= per person. Payment via PayNow or Cash.

Seminar Topics

Child Development Overview - An Introduction. What is  IQ and EQ. Nature vs nurture. What is Creative Art and Art Therapy. Fine Motor Skill Development. Sensory Motor Skill Development. Child Development Stages in Art. Perspectives and creative problem solving skill. Creativity and child development. Art of Paper folding for mathematic, logic, and creative thinking. How to understand your child growing issues through art. What is Creative Art Therapy and how can it be used for Child Development in EQ and Character. How to assess child talent in art and creativity. What are the do and don't for art and craft activity. How to understand my child better through art and visual communication. Knowing when to help the child as appropriate.
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By Artist, Art Therapist and Consultant

This workshop will be delivered by professional artist, art teacher and qualified art therapist - Paul Lee. Mr. Lee has been teaching Children art since 1989 and he is founder of UniqArts and Technologies. He is also the author of Children Drawing Books - Drawing is Easy series. Being an art therapist, Mr. Lee can gain in-depth understanding of the students' need, strength, and weakness and he can coach them accordingly.


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