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Super Fun Art Class

For children age 5 to 12

Looking for exciting enrichment program that is super fun for your children? Here is our latest Super Fun Art Class that provide children with full and authentic fun exploration experience to enjoy, be creative and expressive visually and therapeutically. Super Fun Art Class is for children age 5 to 12 to learn, explore, hands-on, and minds-on with super fun art and creative activities. They will learn the art of visual thinking, sustainability, and mindfulness in a fun environment by professional teachers.
Art Class

Class Objectives

To develop fine motor skill in drawing. To build appreciation and understanding of aesthetic work, fine art development and creativity. To learn and explore various creative expression. To explore various type of media such as oil pastels, water colour, poster paint, artist sketching pencils, acrylic paint, etc.  To learn the mindfulness process of using art and craft project.
Clay Modelling Fun
To hands on clay modelling for sensory motor development. 
To learn, explore and creative use of paper folding for simple to complex models. To explore and learn the process of animation. To develop creative thinking and creative problem solving with Creativity-Juice program. To be aware of environmental issue and take an active approach to save the Earth and heal the planet. To be pro active in sustainability practice and recycling process.
For Who
Children age 5 to 12 with or without any background in art.

Super Fun Art Class
Syllabus Plan and Outline
The syllabus for Super Fun Art Class is flexible catering to different child interest and needs, the curriculum including the most exciting and fun projects for children:
Drawing techniques: learn how to draw many subjects including human, animals, birds, insects, dinosaurs, marine life, flowers, cartoon, etc.
Colouring fun: learn the basic colouring skill such as primary and secondary colours making. Methods of different type of colour blending. Most important of all, have fun with colours.
Fun with colours
Clay Modelling fun: learn how to make models with clay using hands and creativity. Have fun and develop this essential sensory motor skill. Clay modelling develops the 3 dimensional perspective and full of possibilities of unlimited creativity.
Clay Models
Mindfulness with paper folding: learn how to fold amazing models using papers. Another term is Origami. Be creative in using papers and appreciate the source of papers. They can be active member in protecting the earth for sustainable future.
Creative Paper folding
Express Animation: learn, explore and have fun making quick animation with your drawing or art work. No tedious and long process of programming through express animation.
Online Art Project: students art work will be shared with their parents using Online platform. They will have access to Online Art Project to continue art and creativity at home or during school holidays. They can also post idea or sketching online. This is using our safe and dedicated web site http://www.onlineartclass.com

Approach and Methodologies

Our teaching methodologies are proven to nurture children in their aesthetic development, fine art skills, self confidence, fine motor skills, motion pictures, perspectives and creativity. Our focus is on cognitive and positivity into learning, self awareness and happiness.

ARTeach Professional Teacher
Teachers are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach art according to child development, child art , good practice and philosophy of art teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. Teachers MUST be competent to teach appropriately without holding their hands or doing their works.

Child Development and Art

Children will explore and learn the aesthetic and fun part of doing art according to the appropriate stages of child development. This is essential for children to enjoy their level of readiness for effective learning.
It is essential and part of the program to develop fine motor skill of the chid as well. Teachers will provide professional teaching to help children develop their fine motor skill at their own pace with self confidence.
Super Fun Art Class
This class covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. Visual problem solving skill is introduced to break away traditional thinking box. This program helps to engage the right side of the brain actively and balance with left side of the brain as well.
Happy Kid
Creative Art Therapy
During the art class, therapeutic process is incorporated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Children will be able to express themselves fully and therapeutically. We use Art as therapy and as a safe form of self expression. We have qualified and experienced art therapist helping children to use art as therapy and for personal development.

Creative Origami Art

We incorporate paper folding techniques into the class to build mindfulness, environmental awareness, left and right brain development. Paper folding is a great way to make your own toy, story telling and expand perspective creatively.
Origami Game model

Language medium: English

Course Fee and Duration 
$485 for 8 lessons. Once a week, 2 hours per session. New student to add one time payment for $30 Registration fee. Inclusive of all necessary art supplies during the class.

Time Table

Join us on Every Sunday, 2pm to 4pm

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