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Team Bonding Through Creative Clay Modelling

"It was fun and can de-stress during the clay making process. (Jessica)"

Team Building through Clay Modelling is a team bonding and  group therapy workshop for corporate retreat, bonding, mind and body wellness. We selected a clay that is fast to dry, easy to use, smooth and you can create any model or items. You also get to keep what you have created because the shapes and form will remain as it is.
Clay models starfish

Why Clay Modelling

One of the challenges for many traditional team building events is to detach people from their smartphone or tablet devices. These electronic devices can affect teamworks because people are not working together psychologically and physically.  
Team building through clay modelling
Clay Modelling helps participants work together because when they uses both hands to model clay together, the team cohesiveness naturally strengthen. At the same time, it is easy for different age group and members can work on their own personal capacity to make sculptures. Indeed, clay modelling is a great form of therapy to de-stress, mindfulness and recharge.

Program Objectives
To provide a relaxed environment to facilitate team bonding through clay modelling by engaging members getting to know each other outside of their usual work routine and environment. To create team experiences that enrich the team spirit. To stimulate team identity. To strengthen team cohesiveness and belonging.
Clay model Lucky cat
To provide hands on, minds on and increase team members interaction physically and psychologically. To use art as therapy and fun activities to empower long lasting memory and appreciation of members contribution, talents and strength. To allow individuals in search of their creative talents and promote personal growth, development and rejuvenation from this program.

Creative Process
Our Creative Team Building program is designed in stages for positive experiences in team bonding. Our qualified and experienced trainer will facilitate the entire process to allows members to learn the basic usage of art materials and application. They will be able to proceed to next level by understanding each other strength through creative works. Members tasks are to be assigned creatively and productively. Once they are ready, members to start to do creative art together.  During the art making program, the fun interactive among team members with discussion, brain storming, turn taking, stepping back, and embracing every team members effort and idea.
Clay Modelling as a team
Through active participation and creative expression, teamworks are being carried out without knowing it and the process allows members to gain insights about their own individual creative talents, strength and how their contribution to the team.

We provide debrief of the team building and bonding process for members to reflect, review and learn from the event. Members to get feedback from each other and explore how this process could be useful to their work place and team work.
Clay models Hamsters
The process in the team building through art is an essential element for knowing each other diifferently, working through open idea and bonding through subconscious event and exceptional journey. We incorporate a few proven and effective methodologies to achieve the bonding of team members. They are significant to strengthen a team and create new bonding.

Type of Clay
Event inclusive of all art supplies. We have carefully studied, tested and chosen Air drying clay because it is the most suitable form of medium for team bonding:Air dry clays
Clay shapes and form retain once it is dried. It is important for team works to see the works that they have created. It is safe, smooth and easy to make models of your choice.

You can create any models of your choice and they are easy to make with your hands. Team works with busy hands are very important for team bonding. It is also therapeutic and soothing to do with both hands. The clay does not need firing or baking to keep them permanently.

Team Bonding After Event

The usefulness of Air Drying Clay models is natural drying process and team bonding can be a follow up session after event. This can be done on request for additional session or on your own. You can get together, over lunch time or time off to come together, choose the colours of your choice. Team bonding will be reinforced and strengthen as well. 
Clay model Rose
Indeed, this form of clay is a timeless gift and showcase of team works for display, functional items or decoration.

Proven Methodologies
We adopted proven methodologies to create Team Bonding during the Team Building event:

Creativity-Juice program is introduced throughout the team building activities and event to facilitate members creative thinking, creative problem-solving and team spirit.

Art Jamming Retreat:
The program is actively use of aesthetic, visual, images, and art-related projects to allow right brain function of members for rejuvenation, relaxation and retreat. Jamming might be through a combination of art, music, movement, mindfulness, meditation or the like depending on the appropriateness.

Creative Art Therapy:
The therapeutic process of using creativity and art is facilitated in order to engage members into rejuvenation, relaxation and recharge from this program. At the end of the program, trainer will do debrief about team bonding and provide insights to help members understand how they can benefit from this program.

Teamwork Masterpieces
Team building through art will be able to create bonding at the end of the session. Team works are enhanced, enriched and empowered among members. In addition to the process that they have experienced, clients can request to add on facilitation to create aesthetic and quality masterpiece as theirend product.
Clay Models Final Products
This will require additional teamworks with the professional guidance from our trainer. The trainer will advise and support the team to enhance the final art work that the team will be proud to showcase their work. Indeed, when they worked as a team, they could achieved much more than individual. It is the teamwork that generated stunning and impressive result.

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Clay Models Pokemon -
Our experienced trainer will teach basic techniques of clay model creation and facilitate the process for team bonding.

By Experienced and Qualified Trainer

Our team  building trainer Mr. Paul Lee is qualified, experienced and trained in the art and creativity fields. Mr. Lee is an artist, art therapist, consultant and founder of UniqArts and Technologies. Mr. Lee holds a Master in Arts (Art Therapy) with LaSalle College of the Arts and A Bachelor degree with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technologies (RMIT). He is also trained in fine arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Mr. Lee has facilitated many creative art projects for therapeutic and developmental. Mr. Lee is the author of the popular Drawing is Easy books series and creator of several innovative program such as Creativity-Juice, ChinesExplorer, Animation is Easy, Creative Art Therapies, OnlineArtclass, and many others.

Mr. Lee led many creative art projects, art therapy, retreat and workshops for schools, hospitals and corporations. They include Chevro, Cherie Hearts Kindergarten, Faber-Castell, Health Promotion Board, National Library Board, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison, Singapore Traffic Police, Hwa Chong Junior College, Primary schools, Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN), KK Women's and Children's Hospital, PCF Foundation, Changi General Hospital, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, Feiyue Community, PCF, SBS Transit, NTUC, OAG, Johnson & Johnson, DFS, TOUCH Community, United Square, Unilever, Ministry of Home Affair, Housing Development Board, SCOR, SAP, Ministry of Health, National University Hospital Systems, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Customs, etc. He has also experiences in running individual and group art therapy treatment for pupils at schools and hospitals.

Language medium: English or Mandarin

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"The programme allows me to leave my first hands-on experience on clay modelling which is very useful and fun. Helps me to relax. Very appreciate the trainer and his team's patience and guidance. Allows me to temporarily relax my mind and feel recharged after the session. (Keryn)"

"It shows that working as a team, we have better, more innovative ideas than as an individual. Better know capabilities of other team members. Focus on team identification, strong interpersonal support and have fun together. Overall, very positive. Helpto network as a team and support each other. (Domimique Bureau)."

"It was very helpful in stress relief. Really enjoyed.(Mrs. Sonam Prakash)

"It was fun and can de-stress during the clay making process. (Jessica)"

"The workshop is fun and able to make things. Enable me to know how to do hands on stuff. (Linda)"

"Bonding and know more about clay characteristics (Eileen Ang)."

"It is interesting and engaging. It helps me to forget about work at the moment. I learn more about clay itself and the techniques of clay making. (Anonymous)"

"It was fun. Great to spend time working on fun projects (Joanne Tong)."