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"Dear Teacher Paul and Rosalind,  Thank you for all your guidance and help over the past few years. You have taught me lots of skills and techniques which have helped me a lot. I had lots of fun in Art class and I enjoy them very much. Hope you have fun teaching on! From Keyon, age 12."
Keyon age 12

"Uncle Paul was my first art teacher. I took classes at his studio from ages five through ten, laying the groundwork for my drawing and painting skills. His step-by-step way of teaching trained my eye to dissect objects into line and form and taught me how to engage with the elements of art. During the lessons, I was also able to experiment with composition and medium to learn about harmony and balance, and felt the freedom of being expressive creatively. The art pieces I created in class also laid the foundation for for the development of my SOTA portfolio. Ten years later, I continually find myself referring back to the techniques I had learned from his lessons. Having finished school with a painting specialization, I am starting university at Parsons School of Design in New York City in August 2018. (Anna)"
"I have attended art classes at UniqArts from primary to secondary school, and it has played an important role in helping me build strong foundational skills in art. With each lesson, there is always something new to look forward to, and I was able to experiment with a variety of mediums such as acrylic, watercolour, sculpture and even animation. Uncle Paul is always there to provide feedback on areas that we can improve on in our artworks, and we are encouraged to complete each work at our own pace. (Jacinta Yee)"
"Dear Teacher Paul...I want to thank you for sparking an interest and love for art. I enjoyed your art lessons tremendously.. (Vivienne Teo)"

"For over 6 years, Jun Yuan has improved tremendously under the guidance of Teacher Paul. I could see smile on his face after each drawing session. Teacher Paul is a very calm, patient and positive teacher who always encourages his students to do better. He knows his students well and his ultimate goal is to ensure that the students are able to draw and create their own art pieces by themselves.  Over a period of time, the students are able to see their own improvements and feel motivated." Mrs. Koo.

"For over 5 years, my child has learnt very well at UniqArts Art course. He has improved tremendously in term of skills in art, knowledge and creativity. In additional, my boy even won an award during Art  Competition in Singapore nationwide. I am extremely happy with such result and pleased to make the right choice sending my boy to UniqArts."Mrs. Kung."

"Dear Mr. Lee, I won a 20 inch Folding Bike in the Design A Futuristic Home drawing contest. I am very happy, and want to said thank you to you. Thank you for your support and thanks for your teaching. You are so great! I enjoyed the art course here, there are a lot of fun, interaction, Art and knowledge to learn. I have learnt many things here, not only Art but science, geography, and other exciting subjects. The Art class here not only conducted by experienced Artist, but also uses multi-media computer and encyclopedia to illustrate knowledge subjects! Thank you very much to UniqArts!" Kung Yan Ho Age 12.
Yan Ho Drawing

"My  child has been attending  Art classes in UniqArts for more than five years. In the lower primary level, he likes Knowledge  Art Class as it touched a variety of topics and hence broaden his common knowledge. As he progresses  throughout the years, he finds the skills and technique that  he learned in UniqArts really gave him a strong foundation in his  Secondary 1 Arts Class. Especially areas like pencil sketching and basic design. I feel that my son has been truly  benefited by the not-so-restricted and unpressurized teaching atmosphere in UniqArts. He always enjoys and looks forward  to attending his FineArts sessions during his school holiday. From his love of drawing and his ever- increasing personal pencil sketchings, it  is obvious that the time and money that  we spent here for his Art education is definitely worthwhile."
Mrs. Cheong

"Dear Paul, my daughter, Natasha Wee (age 7), attends your Sunday Fine Arts class  3pm-4:15pm. She joined since Jan 2005 and this is one class outside her school work that she likes THE MOST (she also learns music, swimming & Chinese). Art and drawing is her favourite activity and at times she occupies her free time scribbling things at home. I would like to commend the work of UniqArts and give you this positive feedback that Natasha is learning some good skills in drawing & painting from UniqArts. Thank you."
Mrs. Wee

"I have learnt a lot during this program and I have enjoyed myself to the fullest in learning different drawing and painting skills. I feel that this would help me in the future as well as enjoying full satisfaction in drawing during lesiure."
Monice Age 16

"Dear Paul, I'm really impressed with your website. When I tried to look for an children art class for my daughter Qiujia (age 7) last year, I searched the information on Internet and found your website was the best compared to the others in Singapore, so I decided to choose your class. Qiujia always tells me that she enjoys your art lesson and she hopes to become an art teacher too when she grow up!"
Mrs. Wu
Testimonial Qiujia

"I like this Art class because now I can draw the things that I could not draw. (Vanisha, age 7)

"I enjoyed the art course here because now I could draw by myself. All of my friends and families admire my drawings. I have learnt many things here. I loved when they show me the beautiful pictures in the computer. I still want to continue to the art course until I become an expert. Thank you very much to UniqArts. (Giovani Amanda Sari age 9)"

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