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TESTIMONIALS For Art Therapy Lecture
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We have been running short lecture for art therapy program to help people understand more about art therapy, the tretament and differences between art therapy and art activities.

Art Therapy Lecture Testimonials:
  • "The Art Therapy course provided a very comprehensive understanding of the approaches, strategies and case studies of therapy for working with children. Looking at the art work helps in the learning process (Miss Koh, Counsellor)."
  • "Paul was very good in drawing specific examples and gave very clear structure and strategis on art therapy. It was very useful that case examples were shown to give an idea on how it can be implemented (Miss Carolyn Tan, Program Executive)"
  • "I find this session very good. Help me understand that Art is personal and help a person to identify herself in a given situation. It can also be wholesome and life loving. As long as I live I can engage in art (Mdm Eileen Chan, Volunteer)."
  • "I benefitted a lot from Paul's teaching and learnt that while words may lie, art does NOT lie. I find that Paul is an effective and engaging teacher who shares many of his practical experiences as a true art therapy practitioner. Thanks to Paul who has opened up a brand new vista of art therapy for counselling children (Mr. Marshall Lee, Volunteer)."
  • "It's eye-opening. Art should be free and unrestricted. Realised that art can bring health and wellness to both children and adults, I feel very inspired by Paul's teaching. I would encourage children, teens and adults to express themselves in art and to do it on a regular basis (Mdm Ellen Leong, Family Life Educator)."
  • "It was an enriching experience to see how we can use art as a way to allow expression and to express feelings (Miss Goh, Social Worker)."
  • "Training was great as we get to understand how art can help children as well as adults. There was appropriate use of case studies to aid understanding (Petrina)"
  • "It's very new to me. Never used it. Very enlightening to know that there's such a practice to help someone who expresses him/herself better through art. Encouraging to hear of how kids are 'healed' after sessions of professional art therapy. Trainer has shared a wide scope of cases on kids with some emotional/psychological issues. Very systematic and clear in his sharing. Enjoyed the session a lot. Thanks and Excellent course. (Miss Liow)."
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