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Art Therapy Services

"My first try at Acrylic Painting was years ago. This time I enjoyed the result coming out almost immediately. And realised this art is good for my busy schedule (Ms. Khun)." "I really enjoyed the painting process. It's really relaxing and stress relief. Hope to go for more art related classes. Would recommend this course to colleagues (Ms. Sulieanna)." "It was fun to paint with my colleagues. The instructor is very patient. The service is very good and everyone here is helpful...(Md. Kandoth)."

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"Fun and enjoyable in a non-threatening environment. More of such project, please (Ms. Tan)." "I enjoy myself very much and it was fun as there is no stress. More of these program should be introduced (Patricia)." "Extremely overjoy! I enjoy this journey and would like to recommend others to come (Johan)." "Relaxing and expressing ourself via painting. Learn the art of painting. Best course after hard work (Rohani)."

"I extremely enjoy this session.A fun way to relax and also express one's creativity (Norfadillah)." "It's fun and relaxing, definitely help with relief stress while learning a technique or two about painting (Hon)." "Very good experience in canvas painting. Learn the technique of art and using the right colour andcreative in own way (Ms. Noorliah)."

"Enjoyed. I learnt about acrylic painting from an excellent trainer. Thank you (Hwee Miang)." "Had a very fun and relaxing time. Was a very enjoyable experience! And something nice to bring home (Mr. Goh P.K.)" "Good! Therapeutic and healing of unfinished business in the past (Jasmine)."
"Relaxed, able to express myself unconsciously and finding out something about myself (Margaret)."

"Intriguing. I got to know myself better; my inner strength. I enjoy the session very much. I wish it could be longer. I would recommend  this program to others (Joanna)." "Very experiential and interesting. Hope to get such therapeutic workshops in future (Mrs. Cheong)." "Very insightful, therapeutic and calming. Learnt a lot of new things and interpretation (Juliana)."

"It was fun. Allowed me to recall schooldays - that was the last time I touched paint and brush. I enjoyed expressing myself in spite of the amateurish strokes. I enjoyed even more Paul's interpretations of the use of colors, space, symbols, type of material and how much of it is unconscious, especially those aspect that tell our past. His insight is deep... Thanks a million! Thoroughly enjoyable and therapeutic, useful, applicable session! (Sally)."

"Very therapeutic. It's has been a very long time since I touched paint (Siti Farina)." "Impressed with the insights of the trainer (Mr. Ng)." "I enjoyed the session - quite therapeutic, enjoyed the process and quite proud of my art piece. Realized that anyone can use art therapy, need not be an 'arty' person (Mrs. Goh)."

"Interesting and a very good way to distress (Ms. Rohani)." "Informative. Relaxing. Paul is a competent trainer. Patient, clear in his explanation. Participants are able to paint even without prior training (Mr. Ivan Chew)."

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