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Creativity Juice Program

 "Interesting exercises, a lot of visual effects (Jolie)." "Stretch my brain to think in many ways and explore my own creativity (Mdm Loh)." "Interesting, engaging trainer (Priscilla)."

"Interesting ideas shared on how to generate ideas. Hands-on activities were useful to practise ideas shared. Thank you. Excellent job (Mdm Lee)." "Not bad. Able to learn some tips on creativity in such a short time (Ms Lim)."

"I've learnt some tips about being creative and see things from different perspectives. I have the creativity in me. I just need to believe and develop (Mr. Azam)." "Excellent. Great ideas (Edwin)."
"Good workshop. Helps one to be more active and creative. Use more of our brain power interestingly (Florence)."

"These programme help us to expand our creative side and be more open to options (Ms. Hamizah)." "Very interesting. Techniques taught was useful (Kelvin)." "Enriching and broadens my mind to start thinking from a different perspective. I will start thinking more creatively through changes in routines and lifestyle! (Mr. Law)."

"Good ideas on how to boost creativity and good to know that creativity does not die with age (Ms S.Y. Tan)." "The therapeutic function in art is an eye-opener. I enjoyed the jokes and activities (Ms S.C. Lim)." "Something new that I discovered that creativity could be learnt (Mr. Chan)."
"Eye/Mind opener. Useful techniques eg. wellness -ve, +ve. Idea that creativity/mind can be exercised and expanded (creative fitness) (Pearl)."

"General good grasp of triggering innate creativity (Mr. Woo)."

"Learnt a few strategies to generate creativity (Diane)."

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