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Drawing Books for Children

    "This book stresses the importance of the fundamentals in drawing, so it has everything you need to know in the first few pages - the correct way to hold the pencil, drawing basic shapes and lines, and alphabets writing. Instructions are kept minimal but they do not, in any way, limit a child's understanding of the subject" Review by Today's Parents Magazine, October 1998 issue
    Drawing Books
"My eldest daughter Chermaine 10 years old, after 1 week of follow- the- book- drawing during the school holiday ( she had completed 2 books within a week) , I was very pleased to see that she is able to draw most of drawings without  looking at the book when she was in church during the Christmas service drawings all by herself. 
My second daughter Cherlene, 9 years,  is no good in drawing but by following the book,  she is able to know the proportion of the object and is improving. 

    My youngest son Aaron 5 years,  love to draw but limited in knowledge on drawings, had also learned to draw more objects." From Ms Jenny Ong, Parent

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