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"Zachary has certainly improved leaps and bounds from a person who isn't confident in and hates drawing to a person who is willing to give it a shot especially in his area of passion ,drawing footballers and their many kicking positions. He finds your feedback an encouragement. Somebody who can encourage and give good positive suggestions and ideas without condemning his way of drawing and colouring. He does it mainly himself and only upon completing each piece of work, I give him some comments to improve." Mrs. Phang, Mother of Zachary Phang, 8 years old boy

"Rena has been doing art lessons by herself most of them time and with my help occasionally. She can follow the lessons well but sometimes, it is too fast and this is when I will help to control the screen. However, since the slower mode is available at OnlineArtclass, it is much better for her to follow now.Rena usually draws and colours the main item on one day and the background colouring on the next day. She like to try out the most recent or latest Art lessons when available. Overall, Rena has show good improvement attending OnlineArtClass. We find that onlineArtclass is very effective.." Mrs. Loh, Mother of Rena Loh,  7 years old girl

"Hi Mr Paul Lee, this is Rio's first art piece for your review.  I am Eunice his mother and would like to let you know that this is the first time Rio ever wanted to draw more than one thing in a piece of work, at the moment he is still struggling with holding the pencil in his handwriting and has a hate hate relationship with drawing, writing and colouring. This is his own work except for the 2 large leaves which I guided him somewhat. I am happy for this stress free alternative to classroom art as he is not pressured to do as well and not risk feeling lousy and  guilty for usually not being able to comlete a picture.. let alone add details and  colour. "Mrs. Silva, Mother of Rio de Silva, 5+ years old boy

"I must say Theodore has improved in the following areas :(i) his drawing ability by referring to a picture; (ii) progress from using colour pencils to oil pastels. There was once when his cousin of the same age came by and joined in to draw the woodpecker with him. It turned out that Theodore was able  to draw quite well by closely following your  picture, better than his cousin. I am impressed by your online program as I think the charges are reasonable and the portfolio of artwork is extensive and interesting." Mrs. Tong, Mother of a 4+ years old boy, Theodore Tong."

"Art lessons via the Internet. Onlineartclass.com is the first such virtual art class site in Singapore catering to kids between four and 12. There's even a "chat and drawing room" for them to exchange tips or show off what they've learnt. Its main draw is that it can be accessed anytime." Channel News Asia

"Yes, the online class is good.  My daughter does learn well." Mrs. Irene Tan, Mother of 6 years old girl

"My daughter is 11 years old, and she can follow through. She does come to look for ideas. She can do it quite accurately on her own." Mrs. Dorine Lam, Mother of 11 years girl

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