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Team Building Through Art

   "It was a wonderful experience and this is nothing that I have never done before with my colleagues. Had a lot of fun doing it! Everyone coming together to do something is extremely encouraging, never stand alone when you have excellent colleagues to support one another. (Harry)" "Uplifting, interesting, fun, and humour all in one. Loved the experience (Rasani Redyy)."
Testimonials - Team Building through art1
"It is fun, relaxing and we have a lot of laughters doing the activity (Mr. Matthew Wong)."  "It is a very good experience. We have started off with very conservative drawing and paint within limitation of what other parties has drawn. All the way to destorying the old and started off with a bold painting that is less limiting (Miss Wanda Wong)."

"Good to bond with team members.Feeling good about the freedom to splash colour (Grace)." "Very interesting. Good way to see team dynamics in action. Creativity. Good to know how other team react to change. Useful and insightful feedback from facilitator (Alvin Tan)."  "Fun experience. Started with control then went freedom. Learned to work with other teams work (Anthony Mortin)"

"It was a funny, crazy and entertaining team building experience (Mrs. Smita)." "It was fun to paint with my colleagues. The instructor is very patient. The service is very good and everyone here is helpful. Fruits as snacks are good (Md. Kandoth)." "Extremely overjoy! I enjoy this journey and would like to recommend others to come (Johan)." "Relaxing/ Expressing ourself via painting. Learned the art of painting. Best course after hard work (Rohani)."

"I extremely enjoy this session. A fun way to relax and also express one creativity (Norfadillah)." "It's fun and relaxing, definitely help with relief stress while learning a technique or two about painting (Hon)." "Very good experience in canvas painting. Learn the technique of art and using the right colour andcreative in own way (Ms. Noorliah)." "Enjoyed. I learnt about acrylic painting from an excellent trainer. Thank you (Hwee Miang)."

"We got to learn about one another's artistic talents and a bit of their personalities. Team product was transformed into something beyond our imagination and better than what we had envisioned it to be.
Appreciating how even my small part contributes to the bigger picture. (Andrew)."

"The process of team art making is unique and unusual, relaxing because don’t have to solve problems. We have to work together to create a picture. We have to accept each other’s addition into the picture. We take care not to spoil the picture. Individual canvas doesn’t look as nice. But when put together, the art work looks great! Learn the importance of team work, how to work together as a team. Can see the benefit of working
together as a team as shown by the collection of pieces of canvasses.
(Wong Y.U.)"

"Had a very fun and relaxing time. Was a very enjoyable experience! And something nice to bring home (Mr. Goh P.K.)" "Something really different, a new experience, interesting. Learnt about teamwork and working with members from different team (Thiriya)."

"It was impressive and full of fun. Everyone contributed and everyone’s idea was valued. (Ma Jiajing)."

"Expressive fun. The power of teamworks to transform life (Eric)." "It was a unique experience working with my colleagues in a setting as such. I got a better understanding of how my fellow colleagues work and also the understanding of taking a step back to see the picture (Ng)."

"Dynamic and creatiive. Fun. Gained more awareness of the importance of teamwork and having goals. (SH Goh)." "Interesting manner in fostering team building. Fun! Great bonding with fellow colleages (Steve)." "Surprised to see that each contribution can make up beautiful pictures. Learning to adapt to different situation and challenges with different people. (John)"

"Happy to play with colours and see the creativity of my colleagues. (Thomas)" "Interesting and I felt relaxed. Doing the activity I interacted with my colleagues, some whom I have not spoken much with. (Nothini)." "Quite inspired. Got to know other colleagues better. (Haslindah)."

"Fun, expressive event. Bonding among colleagues. (Wati)" "Anxious of the final outcome. Good bonding experience. Got to interact with my fellow teammates. The art tuned out to be nice. (Jasmin)." "It was an enriching experience, fun. Teamwork dynamic and bonding. (Chelsea)."
"It was an interesting tusk to just really painting a picture. Getting to know who each other differently. (Wilson)."

"Adding strokes of paint to the canvases takes away the stress. Nice refreshing experience. Everyone contributed and add on to the final product. 
Understand and discover hidden talent from some colleagues (Howie Teo)"

"Very refreshing activity, therapeutic at times. Took my mind away from work completely. The teamwork enhanced my original creation. It is very applicable to the work environment. Thank you! (Carmen)."

"Its fun to see the creative juices from everyone. Allows us to see the strengths of each player. The team products turn out better than we expected. Know more about my colleagues. Excellent planning. (Soh Wei Cheng)."

"Felt very nice and relaxed. It was nice to be past of a creation where everyone contributed same as our workplace. Wonderful experience, started with a doubt whether I will be able to paint, but at the end was really great. (Ablnisheh)."

 "It is interesting how different individuals can come together to make one big painting. We discussed what to draw on our own and others painting. We focused on drawing the plus sign which represent positivity. The rest of the group did follow and add on. Learn to trust your colleagues.(Richard Oh)."

"Very relaxing and good stress relief. Unique way to do teambuilding - my concept of art has always been very individualistic. Let's do  it again! (Sean)." "Very interesting. Good therapy. Got insights into the teams' interest and passion. (Lim Suyin)." "Fun and engaging. Equal opportunity to enhance each other's work and turns out original idea even better. (Mia)."

"Everyone has a different vision of how the end product will be. We just need to do the best of our ability and value-add to the team effort, even when the outcome deviates from how we intended it to be. While it may not be the best, but it's the best that we can do. I got to know more about my colleagues' working style given limited time, space and resources. (Tan). "

"Relax, fun, think outside of the box, imagine things different way. Teamwork, relaxed from work environment. Great activity to timeout. (Dini)."

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