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UpCycling project is a concept that making old, used or recycled materials and transform them into something new, useful and better than the original form. The final products can be functional, durable and aesthestic quality. We just need a little effort, planning and team works. Most important of all, enjoy the processs and products for daily usage. Upcyclying is essential to achieve Zero waste, sustainability and environment friendly. We can practice it at home, school, company, and community.

Upcycling Smartphone Tablet holders

UpCycling aims to promote environmental awareness and develop creativity by using old or recycled materials into new and even better than original state.

Display shelving configuration

We take the most common materials that used at school, home and office: PAPER. The idea is transform these used papers into new items that are highly functional, strong, aesthetic and useful. An example is Milk packaging carton, instead of discard and throw them as waste, we can convert them into quality smartphone holder.

Milk carton 1

Milk carton 2

Milk carton 3

Milk carton 4

Why UpCycling

The growing concern of global warming is because we have been over consuming the earth resources. It is very important for us to reduce waster, reuse resources and recycle them as much as possible. We must cut waste in every possible effort and extend the life span of materials. The most common resources being wasted are papers, plastic and electronic. 

Green Origami Project Supercoaster1

Project Objectives

The upcycling and recycling projects are for people to learn how to be active and playing a part of reducing waste. To learn how to convert used papers into functional items. To learn various techniques and process of upcycling and recycling.

 Green Origami Project mix1

To enhance and unleash creative thinking. To increase and enhance creative problem solving skills. To provide team works, team building and team bonding with meaningful and sustainable projects. To use upcycling as a form of therapy of caring, sharing and relaxation.

Multi purpose holders

Common Recycled materials

We build projects from the most common recycled materials - papers. We utilizes the common knowledge of paper folding with art and craft techniques. It is therefore easy to understand and simple yet profound with renewed finished products. This can be done with minimum use of tools except our hands and creativity. It is also can be done with both children and adult.

Green Origami

The art of UpCycling can be used to train mathematics mind and logic thinking. At the same time, products after UpCycling is impressive, new and highly useful.  These development will be achieved through our fun and interactive learning environment. It has been proven as an effective channel to boost academic studies, problem solving and memory empowerment. 

Storage cabinet

We have integrated with Creative Art as Therapy and Creativity-Juice program to unleash creativity talent and thinking, balancing use of left- and right- brain. This project is also great way to keep our both brains active, mind and hands co-ordination and healthy activity.


Our Upcycling methodologies are proven to engage the art of science, math, creativity and skills. Flexible teaching approach according to the levels and participants background.

ARTeach Program: Instructors are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach effectively, doing good practice and philosophy of teaching with UniqArts and Technologies.

Origami Science, Math and Engineering : We incorporate concept of Origami science, math and engineering such as space, volume, mass, symmetrical design, asymmetrical, flight simulation, and precision measurement for a funfilled and knowledgeable workshop. Theory and practice of logical thinking creativity will be used. Origami is can be very valuable to train dynamic thinking for future engineers,  scientists, scholars, and any profession in need of science, math and engineering foundation.

Creativity-Juice Program: This class covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. This program helps to engage the right and left side of the brain actively.

Creative Art Therapy: During the art class, therapeutic process is incorporated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Mindfulness  Therapy is practiced through our Origami as Therapy. It can be used as stress release, relaxation and recharge.

Amazing New Products

UpCycling products can be lasting, strong, beautiful, and functional items for office, home and gift. 

Green Origami Project mix 3

Here are some of the items: Smartphone holder, Cabinet, Storage, Coasters set for home, protect table and keep it clean. Functional gift bags and containers for storage. Useful items for phone holders and stands. Organizing tools for cables and stationeries. Photoframes and display for office and home. Safety covers and pockets for sharp objects. 

Some of the Upcycling products
Upcycling projects gallery

Upcycling project gallery

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