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Upcycling Project Gallery

Here are some upcycling projects using recycled materials. They are useful, functional and aesthetic. 

Upcycling Smartphone and Tablet holders

Foldable Smartphone Holders

Upcycling storage cabinet 1

Small Storage Cabinet 1

Storage cabinet 2

Small Storage Cabinet 2

Upcycling Chopstick and Brush holders

Chopsticks and Brush Holders

Display Shelves 1
Display Shelving 1

Display Shelving 2

Display Shelving 2 with storage box

Display Shelving Configuration 3

Display Shelving Configuration 3

Display Shelving Configuration 4
Display Shelving Configuration 4

Display shelving application
Display Shelving Application

Upcycling Hardcover Note Book
Hardcover Notebook Refillable

Upcycling Gift Box

Gift Boxes

Upcycling Pencil Case
Stationery Case

Upcycling Child Safe Protection

Powerpoint Protector

Upcycling Cable Organizer
Cable Organizer
Upcycling Travel Wallet cum Container
Foldable Travel Wallet cum Container

Upcycling Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of Flowers

Upcycling Origami Brush and Chopstick holder
Brush and Chopsticks holders through Origami

Green Origami Dustbin Scoop
Dustbin Scoop

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