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Workplace Mental Health
Through Group Art Therapy
UniqArts offers creative workplace mental health care development through group art therapy and team bonding workshop. By using creativity group art therapy, your workforce will be enjoying the therapeutic process of art and gain a new insight about themselves, peers and workplace. Team bonding and teamwork are reinforced to build a resilient,  productive, optimistic, strong and competitive workforce. Group Art Therapy is a mental health and wellness for workplace, companies and group.

Group Art Therapy aims to provide a safe and creative space for the group to relax and express themselves. It will be facilitated by trained, experienced and qualified art therapist.

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Program Objectives
To provide an open platform and safe space for expression as a group. To facilitate therapeutic process through group work in a relaxed and fun environment through art and creative activities. To engage members into bonding with resilient as a team. To improve mental wellness by using art as therapy. To provide option for individual to book additional art therapy session. To develop team bonding through creative process and art
To appreciate and get to know each others from new perspectives.
To empower team creative thinking and team problem solving. 

To create team experiences that enrich the team spirit.
To stimulate team identity. To strengthen team cohesiveness and belongingness. To provide a series of creative, adventurous, artistic events, art jamming, art as therapy and fun activities to empower long lasting memory and appreciation of members contribution, talents and strength. To allow individuals in search of their creative talents and promote personal growth, development and rejuvenation from this program.
Creative Process
Our Group Art Therapy with Team Bonding program is designed in stages for positive experiences, relaxation and mental wellness. Our qualified and experienced art therapist trainer will guide the entire process to allows members to gain awareness of themselves, peers and workplace. They will be able to proceed to next level by understanding each other strength through creative works. Members tasks are to be assigned creatively and productively. Once they are ready, members to start to do creative art together. Team members are gain insights about their own individual creative talents, strength and how their contribution to the team.

We provide debrief at the end of the group art therapy for members to reflect and learn from this event. Members to get feedback from each other and explore how this process could be useful to their work place. 
To provide exceptional and inspirational experience, we incorporate creativity and art jamming and art therapy into the process. The process can strengthen a team and create new bonding. 
Group Art Masterpieces
Team building through art will be able to create bonding at the end of the session. Team works are enhanced, enriched and empowered among members. The end product is therefore significant for them to witness their strength as a team. Indeed, when they worked as a team, they could achieved much more than individual. It is the teamwork that generated such amazing bonding and this can be proof by looking at some of the end products. 
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Proven Methodologies
We adopted proven methodologies to create Team Bonding during the Team Building event:
Creativity-Juice program is introduced throughout the team building activities and event to facilitate members creative thinking, creative problem-solving and team spirit.

Art Jamming Retreat:
The program is actively use of aesthetic, visual, images, and art-related projects to allow right brain function of members for rejuvenation, relaxation and retreat. Jamming might be through a combination of art, music, movement, mindfulness, meditation or the like depending on the appropriateness.

Creative Art Therapy:
The therapeutic process of using creativity and art is facilitated in order to engage members into rejuvenation, relaxation and recharge from this program. At the end of the program, trainer will do debrief about team bonding and provide insights to help members understand how they can benefit from this program. 
By Professional Therapist Trainer

Our group art therapy is by Mr. Paul Lee, who is a qualified, experienced and trained rtist, art therapist, and consultant. He is the founder of UniqArts and Technologies. Mr. Lee holds a Master in Arts (Art Therapy) with LaSalle College of the Arts and A Bachelor degree with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technologies (RMIT). He is also trained in fine arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Mr. Lee has facilitated many creative art projects for therapeutic and developmental. Mr. Lee is the author of the popular Drawing is Easy books series and creator of several innovative program such as Creativity-Juice, ChinesExplorer, Animation is Easy, Creative Art Therapies, OnlineArtclass, and many others.

Mr. Lee led many creative art projects, art therapy, retreat and workshops for schools, hospitals and corporations. They include Chevro, Cherie Hearts Kindergarten, Faber-Castell, Health Promotion Board, National Library Board, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison, Singapore Traffic Police, Hwa Chong Junior College, Primary schools, Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN), KK Women's and Children's Hospital, PCF Foundation, Changi General Hospital, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, Feiyue Community, PCF, SBS Transit, NTUC, OAG, Johnson & Johnson, DFS, TOUCH Community, United Square, Unilever, Ministry of Home Affair, Housing Development Board, etc. He has also experiences in running individual and group art therapy treatment for pupils at schools and hospitals. 
Language medium: English or Mandarin
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"It was a wonderful experience and this is nothing that I have never done before with my colleagues. Had a lot of fun doing it! Everyone coming together to do something is extremely encouraging, never stand alone when you have excellent colleagues to support one another. (Harry)"

"We were very careful to observe the theme of previous group work and took care not to destory others' work. But we learn not to be attached to our original work as others have changed it. Good work. Thank you (Mr. Tan)"

"It shows that working as a team, we have better, more innovative ideas than as an individual. Better know capabilities of other team members. Focus on team identification, strong interpersonal support and have fun together. Overall, very positive. Helpto network as a team and support each other. (Domimique Bureau)."

"Helped me understand the importance of deconstruction and letting go., Clear input. Thanks for chasing us o go further and deeper in the de-construction process. (Giuseppe Bruni)."

"Reminds me that it's good to defocus to encourage creativity. Nice activity to collaborate on. Debriefing is important. (Marcus H.)"
"Reinforced message that I can lay out the groundwork clearly where others can then enhance it. Validates to me that my team can help add value to the work I do. Fun. (Arang M)."

"Uplifting, interesting, fun, and humour all in one. Loved the experience (Rasani Redyy)." "It is fun, relaxing and we have a lot of laughters doing the activity (Mr. Matthew Wong)." "It is a very good experience. We have started off with very conservative drawing and paint within limitation of what other parties has drawn. All the way to destorying the old and started off with a bold painting that is less limiting (Miss Wanda Wong)."

"Good to bond with team members.Feeling good about the freedom to splash colour (Grace)." "Very interesting. Good way to see team dynamics in action. Creativity. Good to know how other team react to change. Useful and insightful feedback from facilitator (Alvin Tan)." 
"Fun experience. Started with control then went freedom. Learned to work with other teams work (Anthony Mortin)"

"It was a funny, crazy and entertaining team building experience (Mrs. Smita)." "It was fun to paint with my colleagues. The instructor is very patient. The service is very good and everyone here is helpful. Fruits as snacks are good (Md. Kandoth)." "Extremely overjoy! I enjoy this journey and would like to recommend others to come (Johan)."
"Relaxing/ Expressing ourself via painting. Learn the art of painting. Best course after hard work (Rohani)."

"I extremely enjoy this session.A fun way to relax and also express one's creativity (Norfadillah)."
"It's fun and relaxing, definitely help with relief stress while learning a technique or two about painting (Hon)."
"Very good experience in canvas painting. Learn the technique of art and using the right colour andcreative in own way (Ms. Noorliah)."
"Enjoyed. I learnt about acrylic painting from an excellent trainer. Thank you (Hwee Miang)."

"Had a very fun and relaxing time. Was a very enjoyable experience! And something nice to bring home (Mr. Goh P.K.)"
"Something really different, a new experience, interesting. Learnt about teamwork and working with members from different team (Thiriya)." "Expressive fun. The power of teamworks to transform life (Eric)." "It was a unique experience working with my colleagues in a setting as such. I got a better understanding of how my fellow colleages work and also the understanding of taking a step back to see the picture (Ng)."

"Dynamic and creatiive. Fun. Gained more awareness of the importance of teamwork and having goals. (SH Goh)."
"Interesting manner in fostering team building. Fun! Great bonding with fellow colleages (Steve)." "Surprised to see that each coontribution can make up beautiful pictures. Learning to adapt to different situation and challenges with different people. (John)"

"Happy to play with colours and see the creativity of my colleagues. (Thomas)". "Interesting and I felt relaxed. Doing the activity I interacted with my colleagues, some whom I have not spoken much with. (Nothini)." "Quite inspired. Got to know other colleagues better. (Haslindah)." "Fun, expressive evebt. Bonding among colleagues. (Wati)"

"Anxious of the final outcome. Good bonding experience. Got to interact with my fellow teammates. The art tuned out to be nice. (Jasmin)." "It was an enriching experience, fun. Teamwork dynamic and bonding. (Chelsea).""It was an interesting tusk to just really painting a picture. Getting to know who each other differently. (Wilson)."

"Very refreshing activity, therapeutic at times. Took my mind away from work completely. The teamwork enhanced my original creation. It is very applicable to the work environment. Thank you! (Carmen)."

"Felt very nice and relaxed. It was nice to be past of a creation where everyone contributed same as our workplace. Wonderful experience, started with a doubt whether I will be able to paint, but at the end was really great. (Ablnisheh)."

"Very relaxing and good stress relief. Unique way to do teambuilding - my concept of art has always been very individualistic. Let's do  it again! (Sean)."
"Very interesting. Good therapy. Got insights into the teams' interest and passion. (Lim Suyin)." "Fun and engaging. Equal opportunity to enhance each other's work and turns out original idea even better. (Mia)." "Relax, fun, think outside of the box, imagine things different way. Teamwork, relaxed from work environment. Great activity to timeout. (Dini)."

View some teamworks end product and masterpieces:
Video Reference: Check out some team building through art and creativity video