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"For over 5 years, my child has learnt very well at UniqArts Art course. He has improved tremendously in term of skills in art, knowledge and creativity.." Mrs. Cheong.
Children Art Class at UniqArts
We offer a comprehensive Creative Children Art Courses to learn and explore various art skills, creative project and build self confidence. Join us now!
School Holidays Art Enrichment online is available for kids or family doing art project during holidays. Be creative and engaged into art project. Join us now!

Creative Art Program for adult

Adult with or without any background in art can sign up our Creative Art Program for adult to learn Acrylic on canvas, pencil, charcoal, water colour, chinese painting, calligraphy, pastel, etc. If your passion is in art, join us.
Art Jamming

"It subconsciously surfaced my strength and weaknesses and helped me dealt with my weaknesses in unexpected ways. It surfaced my innermost fears, struggles and even problem with my migrains, creating opportunities for further healing... (Deborah)"

You can get both hands active with your mind to do folding of papers, also known as Origami (Japanese term). Origami can be used as a hobby, event, entertainment, education, recycling, environmental awareness and mindfulness therapy. 
Origami Crane

Our Art Therapy treatment services help people understand themselves, resolves issues, reflections, mind body wellness, Anger management, recovery from cancer, trauma and any mental illnesses. Treatment is subtle, effective and long term healing.
Art Therapy Palette 1

No time, not an issue, join our Express Art Therapy now! We also help people bond together, finding strength and resilience. 
Team Building in Action

"Interesting manner in fostering team building. Fun! Great bonding with fellow colleages (Steve)." Corporation or family can engage our professional services into art jamming or team building through art, creativity or environmental awareness project such as Green Origami Project.

Caricature sample
We provide Creative Services for people or corporations looking for Caricature gift, Portraiture gift, mural art, Creativity workshop, art and design, consultancy, etc.

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